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Willing to talk to others who have had a prem baby, to share experiences, and how well they are doing now.
My little boy Lucas was born on the 6th of August, and was 9 weeks early. He was 3p8oz, 48cm in length. The first 5 weeks of his life was spent in the Special Care Nursery.
Now that he is home, he is thriving. He is going on 4 months, and weighs just over 9 pound.
Hope to hear from you.
Hi Tan,

My little boy was born 6 weeks prem on the 19th August. My waters broke when I was 30 weeks and he managed to hold on in there for a further 3 weeks! He was 4lb 8oz at birth. He spent 3 weeks in SCBU before coming home. He is now 13 weeks and he is now 10lbs exactly...... He is doing so so well... i hope your little boy is doing the same.
Hi Tani
Just to let you know that when I was born I was also 9 wekks premy and 3pd 8oz. Am now 40 and expecting my first child in July next year. Never looked back! hope all is well.
Hi, my name is Liz & I am a first time mum.

My little boy's name is Liam Joseph & he was born on 26 August 2005 at 29 weeks/6 days gestation (10 weeks/1 day early - due on 5 November 2005). He was born 1342 grams (2 lb 15 & 1/2 oz), head chircumferance 26.5 cms & length was 44 cms on discharge from hospital (I don't know why it wasn't done when he was born). We don't know why he decided to come early but I was fully dilated & he was a breech baby, so an emergency ceasarean it was.

After 6 & 1/2 weeks in the NICU (who were great) we were allowed to take him home & he has been thriving ever since (he has now tripled his birth weight). Liam is now 17 weeks/1 day old (7 weeks corrected today). He was weighed yesterday & is now 4300 grams (9 lb 7 oz) (head circ 35.7 cms / length 54.5 cms).

He is a very good baby apart from hating being wrapped & his nappy changed. And although he likes to fight every feed I am very proud to say that he is still being fully breastfed.
Liam is beginning to smile more & more, makes cooing sounds & has discovered that his right thumb or fist is a good substitute for his dummy.

I look forward to making contact again.

Have a Merry Christmas & a safe & Happy New year.


Liz, NSW - Liam 26/08/05

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