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  5. has anyone heard if Quin1904 has had baby yet?

has anyone heard if Quin1904 has had baby yet? Lock Rss

just wondering if anyone knows if Quin has had her baby yet, she was going in this week to be induced.
oops sorry, it's Quin1901.... typo there!!!
ohhh don't mind me, just fixed the title for those who are confused!!! ... blonde day!
Hey there Taluma, Quin here thanx so much 4 posting a message in regards to my pregnancy. Yes I have had bub a little boy Kaydin William we called him. As u know I was 10 days ova and induced on the 13th of dec at 9am he was born at 6.49pm so I had a 10hr labour. I ended up having a shot of morphine at 12.30 (it did absolutely nothing for me) I asked 4 an epidural but my partner convinsed me at that time 2.30pm not to the hrs dragged by and the pain got worse and worse I have never experienced pain like I did that day (nor screamed like I did that day everyone that was in the birthing rm describe it as horrendous and like I was being murdered so u can imagine) any way by the end I had nothing left I could barely push with my contractions (I was screaming out get it out & I just need 2 sleep LOL)Kaydin ended up being vac/suction I just could not push him out. He was 8p9o, 53cm long, a big boy. Healthy as, a head full of dark brown curly hair like mum and all of daddys tiny little facial features, he is our pride and joy and we love him to death. Everything on the home front is going great just the expected lack of sleep and house chores not getting done, but alls good & I love being a mummy (oh & a little mastitis in my left breast).After the labour my partner expressed 2 me that he thought of me as his hero and he loved me more than ever, his face flooded with tears as soon as Kaydin appeared he says he respects me soooo much 4 what I went through 2 create our family and has never been more attracted to me than now, it has brought us so close 2getha (not that I thought we could ever get any closer) this experience is definately life changing and it has made us realise just how much we really love each other. Once again thanx for the post.

Mumma of 3.

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