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Paige Brooke Lock Rss

My baby girl arrived on the 14 June weighing 10 lbs 6oz at 2.20am. Absolutely beautiful. Loves to smile and loves her cuddles

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl smile
I thought my 10lb son was big!! LOL! Did u have he naturally?

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

She was 2 weeks overdue so was induced. Contractions started on Friday morning at 11.00am and she didnt arrive until Saturday morning at 2.20am so very long labour, but yeah the birth was natural just forceps were used. I am only 19 and was continuing at the gym and walking right up to a week before having her so I recovered very well which everyone was surprised about haha

Congrarulations on the birth of your baby girl!!


Joel was a real long labour as well-No forceps though!! He was 27 and a half hours!! 5 minutes between contractions pretty muh from start 2 finish!!!!!!!!!!
I was 18 then and didnt exercise!! So to say the least my 2nd pregnancy I looked after myself so much better and it makes the world of difference for not only ur body and recovery time but ur mentality as well!!
Good luck with your new little bundle:D

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Congrats on you beautiful big baby girl!

Can someone let me know how I can put a photo up of my little girl on my signature. I took photos of her in the weekend of her as a little angel and fairy smile

Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your little girl Paige Brooke smile]

My girl is 18 weeks old now!! How time flys!!!

Geez they sure do grow up to quickly

Paige is just gorgeous the photo.


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