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hi ladies
well ill tell you the story of zanes birth.

He was born on 12 sept 08 at 1.04pm weight 8lbs 2oz length 54 cm head cm 35

woke up at 3 am to go to toilet went back to bed needed to go again got up and my water broke woke hubby up said i wasnt getting pains so i went back to bed couldnt sleep so i got up to make sure all my things were packed still no pain called my mum at 5 am she came over at 5.30 still no pains
by about 6 i started getting light niggling pains this went on until 11 the pains started getting stronger but bearable but 12 i was telling mum i wanted to go but her and hubby said i wasnt in enough pain yet (they said the same with my DD) so at 12.30 we were driving to the hospital when i got a really bad contraction got to hospital at 12.45pm had 2 contractions on the way to delivery told everyone i needed to push i was only 8cm at the time but i gave a alimghty push and 3 minutes later little zane mathew yeark was born.

so both my labours went really smoothly (and quickly)

talk later carly xxx
Congrulations smile welcome to the world Zane smile


congrats on the birth of zane

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