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Introducing my baby girl :) Lock Rss

My little precious was born 06/03/09 (on her brothers 7th birthday)

Had to be induced that day, I was 39 weeks but bub had stopped growing at 33 weeks and I also had pre eclampsia.

So I had an hours labour and about 2 mins of pushing her out and it was all over.

She is just adorable... Im sooooo stoked LOL So are her 3 big brothers and Daddy grin

Saffron Thea Jean
06/03/09.. 11:04pm
5lb 8oz
47cms long
34cm HC

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl Saffron Thea Jean.Welcome to the world]
Awww Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl Saffron Thea Jean smile]

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