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NAME: summa-lee rose tremayne
Summa-lee arrived early in the morning. i woke at midnite with pains that felt like period pain. i went to the toilet and went bak to bed(thinking nothing of it) i again woke at 130am with more pain(getting stronger-but was bearable) i went to the toilet again and i was bleeding.i paniked and woke my partner and we rang the hospital they told me to come up. we arrived around about 2.00(still not in very muh pain'and not thinking anyting of it) when we arrived the midwife checked to see if i was dilated at all. she told me i was 8cm.i was shocked. i went for a shower arond about 230ish. by 3 i was in more pain and was on the bed ready to push. i pushed and pushed and kept going till our beautiful daughter summa-lee aived at 4.08am. SHORT LABOUR! we were both so excited when she arived safely and looking so beautiful. when my placenta came out i started to bleed lots. the midwife took my daughter from me and gave her to her daddy while they tied to stop me from bleeding. after 45min later they eventually had it under control and i got my lettle baby back. i was 18 when i had her(now 19)and would never take it back. i love her so much and could never imagine wat life would be like without her now. she is now 10 weeks old and time is going so fast.

good luck to all new mum, its a geat feeling when they hand you your new baby.

mother of summa-lee and jaxsen

hi kate
congradulations on your baby girl
i love her name how did you think of that
did you know you were having a little girl

my name is sherryn and im the proud mum of baby boy logan who was born 2nd feb 06
im 22 & live in nth brisbane
i also think mother hood its fantastic the best thing in the world

its really great to here you had a good labour ive heard so many scary stories
i got induced logan just didnt want to join the world i was 11 days over started at 1pm and he was born at 6.19pm but its was only bad from 3pm
logan was 9lb (4010grams )a nice healthy big boy but still a problem free birth (thank god)

are you attending any mothers groups
or looking into playgroup yet
im unsure when to start

well take care and enjoy your new baby

Logan 02/02/06 - Sarah 29/05/07

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