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With great pleasure UPDATED Lock Rss

I announce the safe arrival Juddsmum's precious baby boy a few moments ago

Wil is his name stats to come.

7lb 14 o or 3.57kg
53cms long
36.5 head circ

Congrats sweet I am so proud of you
[Edited on 05/01/2010]
[Edited on 05/01/2010]
Oooh! How exciting! Congratulations and welcome Wil!!
Congrats Ro, D and Judd on the birth of Wil!!!
congrats to Ro, Mr Ro and Juddie on Wil's arrival!!!

can't wait for pics xx
Welcome to the world little Wil!!!

Congrats hun!!!

Congratulations Juddsmum!! Welcome to the big wide world Wil! xo

Woo Hoo congrats Ro, D and Judd on the safe arrival of Wil. Hopefully we will get the chance to meet soon. Again CONGRATULATIONS, take care
Meika xx
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your 2nd little man Wil.

Interested to hear how the induction went for you.
congrats to ro and her family on the arrival of their new son
Congratulations! Wonderful news, wishing you all the very best xx
Omg, yay!! im so glad for juddsmum that bubby Will lasted till the new year, she so badly wanted to start the year fresh, after a hectic year,last year (unlike most of us who want the babies out YESTERDAY lmao) so im glad her wishes came true!!

Congratulations Judssmum and family on the safe arrival of little Will!
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