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this is Frankie here (um ...derr !! ) Duffy has no internet and would like me to pass on a message to you all !!

Yvette (alwaysawake) had her little boy this morning !!

his name is Max and he was 6pound 4 (witch apparently is a whopper for Yvette ..most of hers are only tiny tiny ...) 1 hour labour and everything is perfect ...apparently she said this was an absolute perfect way to end her baby making days ...both bub and mum are doing excellent !!

Duffy wants me to add that she wants to send out a HUGE Hello to all her Huggies mates and she misses you all terribly ..she has no internet for a little while and cant wait for it to be all back to normal ..she is doing well and Immy is going great guns getting bigger ,happier and healthier by the min !!

Goooooo Yvette ...glad all has worked out well for you and your beautiful family mate xoxoxo

congratulations. 6 pound 4 is so little. nawww, small bubbbas
glad everything is going well

congratulations Yvette and family welcome to the world little max.

Glad all went well hope to hear more soon

Thanks girls for let us know too

awww congrats!!!

will have to break out the 00000 clothes for that tiny lil fella! naw cluck cluck cluck!

wow thats awesome news.. and a quick labour.. congrats!!

Tell duffy too we miss her! heheh glad to hear immy is going well too

Way to go Yvette.

Hello to Duffy.
Congrats Y! Love you lots, you are a super star. xoxox
Congratulations Yvette xx
Huge congratulations Yvette & Family xxx

Congrats Yvette!!!! Welcome to the world little Max!!

Sounds like a great labour too!

Well done!!

Hi Duffy!
Congratulations supermum! I bet he's gorgeous!
Congratulations Yvette and family, another little boy to add to the clan! xoxo
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