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Congratulations to all new mums! Lock Rss


Just thought I would say Congratulations to all you new mums! My bub is now 8 months and it seems like ages ago that she was so little and fragile. I was constantly coming to this site and the advice I got was so much of a help, and still is!

Enjoy every moment because like everyone always says...they grow up so quick! In the first few weeks I wondered how I was going to cope...with baby blues and breastfeeding problems but everything turned out great and I wish I had've tried to stress less and enjoy those early weeks more.

Take Care everyone smile
i agree it does seem ages ago when our bubs where so helpless! I too suffered to baby blues and it took me six months to bond with Joel!
The labour was long and I never caught up on sleep and because I only B/F for 3wks I was made to feel guilty.
I feel bad that I didnt bond with my little man for so long but plan to give it a better shot next time around! And I also plan to sleep tones more and give strict visiting hours at the hosipital! So I can catch up on my sleep!lol
I love this site too! It helps me get by everyday! I think Im addicted to it! lol

2 more sleeps

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