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Finally! Arrival of Grace! Lock Rss

Would like to announce the arrival of our beautiful little girl Grace (no middle name decided as yet)
She was born VBAC(#4) at 8.29pm on 10/10/10 weighing 9lb and 54cm.
Very difficult 18 hour labour.. Definitely our last addition..!

(previously mummaof4*EDD...)


Congrats to you all and welcome to the world little Grace

A cool birthday also grin
CONGRATULATIONS to you all on the safe arrival of Grace.

Well done.

Big hugs all round from me.
congratulations to you and your family.. pretty name..
Yes an awesome birth date smile
Congratulations she is gorgeous!!
A big Congrats too you on the arrival of Grace!!! I hope youre recovering well after the labour,and Grace is a lil blessing.
thats awesome, congratulations!!!
Congrats on little (or not so little)...LOL...Grace. Very cute and you can't forget that birth date...haha!
oooo She looks so cute! Congrats smile!

She is gorgeous! I love her name!

What a lucky day to be born on too smile i rekon she was waiting for that day smile
awww she is beautiful
congrats to you on Grace's arrival
shame it was such hard work for you, lucky she is just adorable



We were praying for that birthdate as I was 3days overdue when it came around but got the 14th instead! Hope Grace is fitting in well with the rest of the clan smile x
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