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Our Little Man is Here!!! <3 Lock Rss

Friday morning 5/11/10 ready to go home <span class="emoticon wub">wub</span>

Born Wednessday 3/11/10 at 4:52pm weighing an astounding 8lb 4oz!!!! all that worry for nothing caused by the Ob's during my pregnacy saying he would be 6-7lb MAX! <span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span>

Still havent given him a name as yet,boys names are very hard! the name we did have in mind im not sure on now that ive seen him...

Mummy & Daddy Couldnt be any happier <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Oh Congrats to you all.

What a gorgeous family.

Well done Mum & Dad. grin
Oh, just beautiful!

And the name will come to you, DS2 i had my name picked up and decided on one that wasnt even on my list once I held him, and it couldnt suit him more!

Congratulations, you have a beautiful family. hes a lovely little boy smile

Congrats he is absolutly beautiful.
Congratualtions. He is just gorgeous- as is your little girl!

awww congrats, he is absolutely gorgeous!!! smile U all look soo happy, congrats again smile
Congratulations, such beautiful photos. Enjoy the newborn stage while it lasts! smile
Aww, so cute!! Congratulations to you and your family! grin
Congratulations on your handsome new addition. He is so gorgeous. So glad everything went well for you smile

Awwww huge congrats on your gorgeous little man!! Well done smile

congratulations! What a cutie smile
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