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My LOOOOOOOONG awaited boy is finally here!!! Lock Rss

After countless months of trying, drugs and IVF i am totally over the moon to announce that my little man Lachlan James has made his debut!!!

He was born at 38+2 on 28th November 2010, weighed in at a very healthy 8lb 12oz 52cms long! He is doing so well, loves his mummy juice and is very content!! A far cry from the labour and delivery though.....

Labor started at approx 9am on Satrday the 27th, (contracting while voting in the stupid victorian election mind you!!) by 11 am they were 5 minutes apart, at hosptial by 12. TENS machcine doing a good job, then bath and gas, OB checked me at 3pm, was 3cms.....pethidine helped me sleep but rolling back to back contractions were horrible, 6cms at 7pm, then had my waters broke, then i yelled for epidural!!! By 4am midwife said i was fully dialated and i could push, but baby was still high, after 2 hours of pushing (that seriously is hard work!!!) he wasnt budging at all, OB came in at 6 and said no chance and called for emergency c 7:02am my little lad came screaming into world! Unfortunately he had tilted his head and had a big bruise and i had a small pelvis!

Thankfully im recovering well and Lachie is an awesome baby! I cant stop looking at him!!!!
congrats job well done now enjoy your newborn

take care thinking of you xoxoxox
Hey Sarah, great to finally hear your birth story.
How did you find the emergency c-section? Are you recovering well?
Lachlan looks just gorgeous! Hope my lil man makes an appearance soon!

Congratulations to you all!

Pleased to hear all is well, even if a rough start.

Even more pleased for you after the conception difficulties. Understand that too well.

Enjoy your little man. xxxxxx
Emergency c section was dissapointing, 22 hours labour and fully dialated felt like id failed a bit, but on the other hand i felt after 2 hrs pushing that id never meet him! Im recovering well, gotta make sure i keep it dry and stay on top of pain killers (panadol HARDCORE!!!) All seems to go well, not driving is going to kill me though!!!!
congrats on your baby boy
Yay!! So happy for you, he's a very lucky boy to have a mummy to appreciate and love him sooo much smile x

Congratulations Westy!! So happy your little man has arrived. Enjoy your new baby boy grin xxx
Congratulations, what a great story after all you went through to get him! Enjoy every minute with your little man smile

I'm glad you finally got your baby after all the struggles you have gone through! They are the most precious things in the world smile
Congratulations on your new little boy!! smile
Hi Sarah,
Great to read about your birth congrats and enjoy as they grow up so fast.Take care xx
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