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Early but safe ~ My beautiful twins Rss

I thought I'd share before heading back into the hospital...

January 19 I gave birth naturally to my twins Rylan Mark and Maisie Kate! wub

I was only 34 weeks and 2 days but my little babies didn't want to wait any longer!

My doctor had hoped I would go to 36 weeks but said once I had hit 32/33 they wouldn't stop labour...

My contractions started at 11am.
I didn't go to hospital till 4pm

By 8:30 my waters had broken and I was fully dilated with contractions only a minute apart!

At 9pm with my mum by my side I began bringing my babies into the world...

Weighing 6Ib 2oz, Rylan Mark entered the world at 9:03pm closely followed by Maisie Kate at 9:10pm weighing 5Ib 7oz..

They both cried as soon as they arrived and have not needed any assistance... smile
They were placed in humidicribs and taken to the NICU where they are being monitored...

After I got myself cleaned up I headed to the NICU to see my precious bundles who were by then 2 hours old... wub

It wasn't till early the next day that I had a really good cuddle with them both, taking lots of photos!
(Hoping when I get the photos on my computer I'll upload a few...)

They are both doing really well and hopefully they won't need too much time in hospital...

I was allowed home yesterday afternoon and thought it best to come home as DS2 & DD1 were missing me! wub
With the help of my mum and sister, I'm taking them both in after they have had some lunch so they can meet their new little brother and sister...

Thanks for reading. smile


well done Kate,
cant wait to see your babies photos.

your so lucky to have such a supportive mum and sister.....I hope you other two children love their new babies
Oh wow, they just wanted to meet there mummy and there brother and sister!!

Congratulations, i hope everything is going well.

A DOUBLE Congratulations!!!! Thats wonderful. I hope you get to take them both home soon to be with their family. Sounds like you have wonderful support. You are so very lucky
Congratulations, I have been following your story and wondered how you were going!
Glad your babies are doing well, and such beautiful names
All the best x

simone sydney 2 boys

Fantastic news!!
Well done. Can't wait to see photos grin
Congratulations on your new little babies. Love the names you have chosen. All the best smile
Congratulations - wonderful news! Love the names smile

Oh how wonderful!

Congratulations, I wish you nothing but happiness as you start yet another exciting adventure! Well done to you!

I adore the names you've chosen wub

congrats on your new little bubbas
they are beautiful names & i bet they look tiny
rest up & enjoy your growing family


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