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Ciaran Hunter is here :) and doing well for his gestation! Lock Rss

Just an announcement to let u all know I had my baby boy Ciaran Hunter this afternoon at 33+5 weeks gestation. After complications and fears about bleeding and him not moving the consultant gave the go ahead for an early elective csection and from hearing that to the call to get ready for theatre was only 10mins! So all happened quite fast!
He was born at 3:56pm today on the 12/1/2013 wub
He is a great size at an exact 2.400kg (5pd 4.6oz), 43cm long and a Head circumference of 32.5cm smile and he's doing so well according to the neonatal Drs in NICU! Only minimal oxygen via a tube and no tube feeding necessary. So I'm very relieved he's here safe and sound smile I'm so in love! wub
We're all keeping fingers crossed he'll only be in NICU for 1-2 days and then just SCN for hopefully only 1-1.5 weeks after that! One day at a time though xxxx
Here's some piccies! grin

First ones in theatre for a brief cuddle! grin

NICU tonight! Will get some cuddles tomorrow though xx

His first signature bear smile

Oh man- he looks so precious!!!! Congrats- hope he's out with you soon. So cute wub

Wow Congratulation's hun, wondered why you havn't been on lately. Im so glad thing's are going well and Ciaran is here safe and sound. He's gorgeous and actually a good weight to. Congrat's again hun. wub wub wub wub
aww hes is just adorable!!! I can hear some clucking goin on around me atm laugh Congrates. Well done!! Fx he will be in scu very soon!!

Oh V I cant believe it! Congratulations, what a huge unexpected surprise for you! The photos are beautiful. The NICU ones make me want to cry sad Im glad to hear he's a little toughie and doing well though. Hope you are feeling ok and recovering well xx
Oh he's gorgeous!

The weight on your ticker is spot on!

Ok! Dumb question time! How do you pronounce Ciaran? (Always wondered but never got around to asking!)

What georgous photos, they made my heart melt wub
Congrats smile
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Congratulations and he's a very good weight for not quite 34 weeks. Hope things continue to go well for you smile

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Oh hun!!! How scary that must've been for you, glad he's doing so well. He is a great size for being so early, he's the same weight my dd was and she was full term. smile

Big hugs, hope he's out of there soon xx

Thanks everyone grin xxxx it was a bit of a shock to finally be told that they'd be pro active and deliver him so early because I just 'knew' something wasn't right (based on his lack of movement n the bleeding and a previous concealed abruption)... But he arrived quickly n safely which is what's important! smile
Fingers crossed he keeps going so well xxxx

Ciaran is pronounced like 'Kieran' for anyone who doesn't know. It's the traditional Irish spelling smile

Oh wow! Congratulations V!! He's gorgeous smile xx

Congratulations smile

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