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He's here! Rss

Yay congrats he's adorable. Great job with the birth too I bet you are celebrities grin

Forever, for always and no matter what

Congratulations! Xx
What a big boy! Good on you!

Wow- great job with the birth, you are amazing smile

Congratulations, enjoy those new born cuddles wub

Congratulations Rosie Mumma, wonderful news. Silas sounds just perfect and well done to you on the natural birth of the big guy - celebrity status well deserved I reckon! Enjoy this special time.
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your son Silas. He looks so cute. What a big buba. Well done on the natural birth. What a trooper tongue

Awesome job RosieMumma!!
What an adorable boy!! Congratulations!!
Hope you recover quickly!!
Congratulations! Wow what a big boy!!! Good work on the birth..hope I never have to do that just quietly, who am I kidding I would have had the epidural. did amazing for going natural!

Wow! Super women! Well done & congrats on the birth of your beautiful big boy!

What an amazing woman you are!!! Congratulations!
OK woosers! Its truly amazing what a womens body can do.

Congrats Rosie mumma smile Happy bonding.
Congratulations. He's adorable and you did a fantastic job!

Holy crap! That's amazing, and you are amazing! I guess newborn clothes won't be fitting him smile He is gorgeous, well done smile

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