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It's a(nother) boy! Lock Rss

Hi all

Just wanted to stick my head in to announce that we had our second boy last Tuesday, the 18th. He was born at 8.45am, weighing just over 3kg (6pd 15oz). I would have said so sooner but it's proved pretty difficult to get online so I waited until today when our first born is at daycare!

The baby is doing pretty well, so far. His feeding is all over the shop, as per usual but, he usually manages 3-4 hours between feeds so that's a true blessing (during the day, night is a whole 'nother story)!

I'm surviving...most days...the cut is really, really sore this time around but I don't have pubic symphositis which I'm really grateful about...that was worse than the cut site last time!

Life with two, OMG...I knew it would be hard but not THIS hard! I'll post separately about ideas to help with my first born...who is now the devil incarnate!

That's all for today!
Congrats on a baby boy smile


Yay congrats! I think your #1 is about the same age as DS2 right (19 months)? Omg, couldn't imagine having a newborn and him grin


It does get easier - I had 20 months between my two and I'd forgotten it was hard until you said how hard it is lol so there you go- hang in there, it will get better!

Congrats again- looking forward tongue

Congratulations. Would love to hear your ideas for the first born smile


A huge congratulations on bub. That is wonderful news smile

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