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My beautiful Rose is here Lock Rss

Born 17th March 2014 my first DD Matilda Rose blessed our lives with her presence ,weighing the heaviest out of all my kids our DD was 9lbs 2oz 53cm long ,a week has gone by and my family are still filled with joy that we have a little girl as she has three excited loving older brothers. Our family is so complete with her in the picture. Welcome to our world precious xox
Congratulations! Beautiful name and she sounds like a big healthy girl smile you'll need a name change now! Lol
Congratulations! My ds is a st patricks day baby to. What a beautiful name:)

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Congrats on the arrival of baby Matilda

Congratulations smile

Thank you everyone ????
its a bit late but congrats on the birth of your little girl hope she is all you wished for and then some.
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