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It's a boy!!!! :-) Rss

Hi Everyone,
Sorry is has taken me so long to get on here and announce - DS2 arrived on Saturday morning weighing in at 7lb, after a surprisingly easy induced delivery.
I feel a bit silly typing all the details, but let me know if you want the whole story and I will fill you in smile

Congratulations. Hope you are adjusting well to a family of 4.
I can't speak for everyone but I think details are just part of birth announcements haha.
Congratulations! Fill us in. Fill us in!!

Congrats. What did you name him?

LOL OK then smile
DH & DS1 dropped me at the hospital at 2pm, DH had to take DS1 (it feels really weird writing DS1 instead of just DS!smile) down to stay with his cousins as we didn't know how long the whole induction would take.
This was easily the worst part of the whole experience, walked into womens assessment crying my eyes out, having just said goodbye to DS - yep tearing up just typing it.
So, first lot of gel at 3pm, my midwife was an absolute dream, and got us all set up in hospital, IV in, gel in and told she would be back at 9.30pm to do next lot of gel. I had an awful experience with an internal examination at the hands of hospital midwife with DS1, and so my midwife did everything she could to make this time round a better experience.
I walked down a million flights of stairs to try and get things moving along, felt regular very light contractions after an hour or so, could still walk through them, DH came back in about 6pm, the hospital have a policy of no partners for induction overnight until in established labour, so we decided he was best to head home and get some sleep, in case I needed him in the middle of the night - I was pretty sure it was all going to be over by morning.
I spent the next couple of hours on my swiss ball watching a movie.
9pm the hospital midwife put me back on the monitors, which showed baby was fine and I was having contractions, but not that strong, and she told me often the gel wares off after a while and isn't enough to get things going.
9.30pm my midwife is back in, does internal, and my cervix is now more favourable, but not dilated.
10pm next lot of gel and mix of sleeping tab, coedene (sp?) and paracetamol, in the hope that I can get some sleep and wake up and be more further forward.
No chance, contractions back and more regular, and too strong to sleep through.
12.30am Call DH as I need some support and he heads in
I jump in the shower on my swiss ball and roll around for half an hour wishing DH will hurry up and get there, as contractions getting stronger.
1.30am DH arrives and I get out of shower and find midwife on duty and ask for some gas as contractions pretty uncomfortable now, and I am busy trying to remember to embrace each one and relax into it - hypno birthing teacher would be V proud! smile
next couple of hours pass, DH is my wheat bag bitch, ferrying them back and forth to the microwave down the corridor, things getting steadily stronger
3.30am hospital midwife puts us on the monitor, DS2 heartbeat is showing possible decels (temporary drops in heartbeat) and she is concerned, hooks us up to saline, and calls down to registrar, who comes up and gives us an internal, we are 3cm, and she wants us down to delivery to break waters and get a fetal scalp monitor on baby to make sure he is OK.
DH calls my midwife to come back in - we had planned she is to be our lead carer once waters break or we get to 3cm/delivery suite.
4.20am we wheeled into delivery suite - this is after I demand that the big gas cannister accompanies us in the elevator - it must have been hilarious, as they had told me there isn't enough people to wheel bed and bring drip etc, and I was like 'right DH leave my bags, you bring the gas' grin
Registrar does internal, we now 6cm and breaks waters, and there are none, poor old DS2 has been pretty! Fetal scalp clip shows decels also, so registrar explains she wants to insert a tube and take bloods from DS2 head which may show something more with how he is coping, so she (registrar) brings over a tray of implements and pulls out the stirrups - I am like 'F^&^ this' I seriously freak at the thought of any interventions, and then at that point I suddenly feel a familiar sensation, my body has just pushed the baby, and it feels exactly the same as when I had DS1.
I'm like 'Wait Wait, if you just give me a chance I can push this baby out now, just let me move'. I jump onto my hand and knees and it's all on, four contractions later I breath DS2 into the world smile

Wow good timing, he has just woken up - think that's everything, feels a bit of a novel. but was such a positive induction experience compared to last time smile

Congrats smile

Congratulations! Of course we need details grin

Good to hear everything went well smile Lol at the gas instead of bags laugh

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Congratulations! smile
Yay. Glad it all went well. Hope he is settling in well. Congrats again and thanks for sharing! smile

Congratulations! I loved reading your story- sounds like you did amazing grin

Aww so sweet smile congrates yay. Looking forward to pics.
Congrats Little Egg! Loved reading your story, thanks for sharing smile
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