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Welcome to the world Tyson Levi :) Lock Rss

So Guys this past Tuesday I went in for induction at Canberra Hospital.
I had the prostin gel at about 8 30 pm and sure enough I was in the early stages of labour by 10pm. I ended up labouring away until 8 30 the next morning with the help of the gas until I had my waters broken at 9 by the midwive. That's when the real fun began lol.
The contractions got ten times worse after they ruptured the membrane. I had a pro-longed second stage (pushing stage) of labour due to bubs position, he was on his side, and just my luck he was well n truly stuck in there! So the doc came in with a kiwi cup (suction cup, vacuum like thingy) and proceeded to literally suck the baby out.
The pain was so bad, but I got there in the end! So all up I had a 15 hour labour, as he was finally born at 11 29 am on the next day 26.5.15!
So my induction worked, was incredibly painful and pro longed but I'm so glad he's finally here n safe.
He weighed a healthy 8pound7ounces. Big boy I know lol.
We named him Tyson Levi Peters.
And he is just beautiful! The kiwi cup although did leave some nasty marks and a big swelling on his head! Poor lil man! But is healing ok now.
So I'm now a second time mum n very proud of my boys! So he is now 6 days old I'm learning everything again. Like forgetting that there's no such thing as sleep! Lol
But I love him dearly n wouldn't change it for the world!
So welcome to the world Mr Tyson. Mum n Dad are soooooo happy you are finally here!
So now I'll be asking lots of questions about newborns rather than pregnancy lol

Congratulations smile

Congratulations, glad he arrived safe & sound.

Congrats and enjoy smile
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