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Due October 2016 Rss

Hi all

This is my very first post, I'm 24 years old and have been with my partner for 4 years.

I just found out yesterday afternoon (about 5pm) that I am pregnant and am very shocked.

I was over come with emotion, I crashed asleep last night but have been awake since 2am very nauseous and very scared/don't know how to feel.

My last period was around the 5th of January, we had sex on the 18th and I took the morning after pill first thing on the 19th.

My partner is 26 and being really supportive, even though he is in complete shock too.

I am seeing my doctor this morning for further tests to confirm, however three pregnancy tests I bought at the chemist came back positive (two lines). I bought a packet of 7 tests and was adamant the first two were incorrect!!!

I'm just looking for support and guidance. My emotions are all over the place!

I'm currently writing this post at 5:30am lol, I guess you could say I'm still very much in shock and disbelief.
First of all, congratulations!! smile

I'm in the 'shocked as Hell' boat with you too. I already have 2 children aged 7.5 and nearly 6 and weren't planning on having a third any time soon as I planned to complete my study and start a career first. I found out 2 weeks ago I was pregnant and broke down in tears. A friend had been telling me for good few weeks and I was of the 'what I don't know doesn't matter' idea. Knowing meant I would have to deal with becoming a parent again - something I am not ready for to be honest. I completely understand how your head is swimming at the moment - mine did too. But after I had a dating scan done and saw that tiny heartbeat, I realized come early October, that tiny, vulnerable human being will be part of my life and it's up to me to raise a healthy, strong and determined individual. For me, giving away a baby conceived in love wasn't an option nor was terminating a healthy pregnancy so that has only left me with one option. I still have days where I'm in denial. Things DO get easier and as long as you have a huge support network, you will never be alone nor will it stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. smile These are very early days. Just take them one day at a time. smile

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