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Hey all! I want more people to share their experiences with TTC. I always am inspired by the difficulties people have faced. It gives a lot of hope. My own journey hasn't been so smooth. However, I got my little girl at the end finally so I'm happy. You all can get through it too! Please share your stories.
Hi Vicky, cheers for your successful parenting! I'm so glad you're finally a mother. TTC can be so difficult for some people. Unfortunately, TTC has been bad for me as well. There were so many ups and downs. We had even considered adopting. Then I changed my mind. We decided to have surrogacy. We were worried at first. It is illegal in many countries. I don't know why. Anyway, we had it in Europe. It is legal there. We went there 2 years ago. It was a great experience. I have a baby girl too now!
Hey @Vickyy, welcome here. you have really made my day dear. I was just looking for some post where I could share my experience. Well, conceiving for the very first time has always been an issue for couples. Mostly, couples face failure in conceiving for the very first time. this happens due to their age, fertility, and experience. You may have seen many couples getting success in conceiving for the very first time. they are the lucky and blessed ones. Well, as much my story concerns, I tried to conceive just after my marriage. I face failure again and again. At time reached when I decided to give up and accepted the failure. Still, some hope was there and I followed some general guidelines. I succeed and got pregnant. I thought that I’m the only luckiest one in this universe. This joy did not last long as this pregnancy resulted in a fatal miscarriage. I have learned a lot from the past, so I did not lose the heart. I found out some solutions online and found surrogacy as best one. I had surrogacy treatment from a well-reputed clinic and got success in the very first attempt. Thank God, I have a healthy baby now. I hope that you have got some inspiration and will help you too in future. Best wishes!
So glad that you have finally made it to parenthood after so much of heartbreak. I know experiencing infertility is never easy. I have been TTC for nearly 9 years with no luck. Yeah, conceived thrice but ended up in MC. Three failed IVF cycles. But yeah now, surrogacy has made me dream again of being a parent. The success stories have always been a great support for me. Otherwise, I would have never thought of pursuing surrogacy. However, deciding on it wasn't easy. There had been many doubts and fears. Bt eventually upon visit the selected clinic we were pretty relaxed and focussed. Like you, I will be having my babies soon. Hopefully, we are looking for twins ;D. So thankful that you shared.
I'm so happy to see your guys' comments. I really want to help everyone get hope from my story. I'm sure you're all the same. TTC is no easy deal. It really takes time and patience. Even then many aren't successful. We really ought to help each other out. This was the purpose of this post. I wish everyone's able to find their happy ending. It's a blessing to have kids. Wishing everyone all the best. Please do continue to share your stories. Love reading them. Especially meeting fellow IPs who share the experience of surrogacy!
VickyyK wrote:
Hey all! I want more people to share their experiences with TTC. I always am inspired by the difficulties people have faced. It gives a lot of hope. My own journey hasn't been so smooth. However, I got my little girl at the end finally so I'm happy. You all can get through it too! Please share your stories.

Hi Dear! Well, that's a good thing...I've already shared my story here. I'm also just a normal TTC with PCOS factor. I've been trying for around 5 to 6 years. But, now opting via an IVF. So, yeah! Wish me luck! I've tried many ways like metformin, clomid, drugs for fertility, medications...But, well PCOS has strong side-effects. So, my obs has recommended me for an IVF. I've to go to a center of repro in Ukraine. My dates are for June of this year. First attempt or cycle of an IVF! I hope it works out for us. I've seen many people get it done through it. Anyway! What about you dear? Do you mind sharing stuff with us?
Hey there. This is a brilliant thread. I hope more and more people share their stories. I'll share mine too, when, or shall I say if, surrogacy works out and I have a happy story to share. So far it's been a disappointing journey. However, I'm keeping the faith! Good luck to me and other hopefuls out there!
happy to hear your story. But the people who cant have this happiness they go for surrogacy. I must say surrogacy and IVF thing is helping a lot of couples to get to their happiness. I can understand how much pain it is to know that you cant conceive naturally. I have seen many close friends who went through this and eventually ended up on surrogacy and got healthy babies for themselves. I hope every couple gets a healthy baby of their own naturally.
Hi there thanks for this thread. I had gone through all comments. I should like to share my experience too. Well, starting from the beginning I always wished to have kids even from my teenage. I married my classmate. Everything was perfect for me.We had so many plans for our kids. Their names, clothes, toys, how to decorate their room and so many other plans.But things didn't work the way we planned.
I had tried so many times to conceive but nothing worked in my favor. Once I got pregnant and it was the best feeling for me but who knows what God is planning ???? This pregnancy results in the miscarriage and for me, that was the end. I felt so alone and hopeless but My husband always supported me.One day he told me about surrogacy. It was the last hope for me. We visited a great clinic and we both get surprised by the treatments. Now thanks to Almighty I am blessed with two kids. I have no words to thanks Science for these amazing treatments. I hope no women get infertile or face these hard times. Good luck to everyone.
Glad to learn about your experience. Those who can't conceive naturally go for surrogacy. I will say that surrogacy is a blessing as it has benefited many infertile ones. It's really heartbreaking to know that you can't conceive naturally. I know a lot of ofc individuals who were disappointed but at the end, surrogacy filled their lives with colors. I think each couple should go for it.
It is said that in order to know the value of happiness, one must go through sadness. Likewise, we all have or are suffering from a lot of problems in life. We shouldn't lose hope. My story is that I and DH were TTC for 2 years then I finally conceived, but eventually I miscarried. Within a year, I conceived again. But unfortunately, miscarriage appeared again. I had 3 MCs in 4 years. It was merely heartbreaking. I had almost given up. But my husband became my rock and didn't lose hope at all. He requested me to try IVF. Although my doctor said that it would also result in a miscarriage because my body had been so weak. Miracles happen every day! I didn't miscarry and I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Although this time I didn't even take good care of myself, I still was at a win.
Hi Vicky! How are you doing? Glad to know that you are finally a mother.As a mother, I can understand your excitement.As my story belongs I tried TTC and faced many problems.After that, i decided to go for surrogacy.I found this a safe way of getting a baby.It is just like a natural way.I got a baby of our own sperms.He really belongs to us.To other ladies, I suggest surrogacy also .My best wishes are with you.Take care of your baby.God bless you.Stay blessed.
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