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Worried for my sister Rss

My sister's just miscarried for the second time. I miscarried a year ago, as well. It took me a couple of rounds of IVF to finally get pregnant, this time. I'm really worried about her. Could this issue be genetic, ladies? Should I suggest her to go for IVF? I think it's the safest option for her.
Oh no, the poor thing! I'm glad she has someone experienced with her. There can be many reasons behind this. Miscarriages mostly happen due to chromosomal abnormalities. Not necessarily, but this could be the reason for your sister's MC. I would still advise her to see a doctor. Get a professional opinion. IVF makes sense, definitely. You had success with it, too. It definitely can be an option. There are other methods of assisted conception as well. For example, IUIs are also something that people normally opt for. Either way, an expert opinion is the main way to go about it. Good luck to her! Sending baby dust her way.
Hi, Natasha. Thank you so much for your input. This was actually very helpful. I'm a bit biased towards IVF. I think it's more of a reliable option than IUIs. I think IUIs end up being really expensive, even though the initial cost is less. However, the problem is that it's going to be hard to convince her! However, we've made some inroads with that! She saw her doctor, yesterday. Her doctor confirmed that she has a better chance of conceiving if she goes for IVF. That's definitely helpful. I think I'm going to give her a week to prepare herself, mentally. There are quite a few options, but I think I'll take her to the clinic where I went to. Her husband also thinks it's a good idea. So, fingers crossed, things work out for her!
Happy to be of help. It's good to see her not wasting any time. It really is key, you know. I had a great experience, myself, with assisted conception. It's the future! Remarkable technology, combined with great professionals, specifically at the clinic where I went to. So like most soccer moms, I consider myself to be really tech-friendly. Which is why I'm very reliant on the internet. So, when I found out that I was unable to conceive, naturally, I searched up the web for solutions. I was an expert by the time I consulted my doctor, haha. She suggested that it would be a very good decision to consider IUI. I don't give up easily, so it took me multiple rounds, but on the fifth attempt, we hit jackpot! We're due in April and really excited about it! Here's to your sister, and I hope she gets to experience this too! Good luck to her.
Thank you for your kind words, Rebeca. It really wasn't that hard, to be honest! You underestimate yourself, haha. I'm really happy that you've managed to convince your sister. You've done a great job. My prayers are with her. Good luck to her!
RebecaM wrote:
My sister's just miscarried for the second time. I miscarried a year ago, as well. It took me a couple of rounds of IVF to finally get pregnant, this time. I'm really worried about her. Could this issue be genetic, ladies? Should I suggest her to go for IVF? I think it's the safest option for her.

Hi. I'm sorry to read about your sister's strugglings. mc is too dreadful to face. it definitely leaves a huge scar. but I hope time will heal her wounds and soon she'll get her problem nailed and will proceed with treatments. I'm also sorry for the mc you've gone through. I truly don't think this is a genetic issue. So far it sounds to me like a coinsidence. I'm glad you've found your solution via IVF. As for your sister, I believe she needs more investigations done on the point. Help her to find the reputable fertility expert, who'll study her case well. He'll want her to pass more testings to state the reason which prevents her from healthy pregnancy. You're a kind lovely taking her needs at heart. She needs you. she's so lucky to have you by side. All the very best to you, if you need any info about repro centers, do let me know.
I think you should tell your sister to do the procedure. If the problem of miscarriage is constant, it requires a serious approach to treatment.
Hard to suggest if it's genetic. Either way, given her problem it wouldn't be too bad to suggest IVF. I would still prefer that she gets a professional opinion. Fertility clinics have made life so easy! Good luck to your sister. I really hope things work out for her. I'll make sure to pray for her.
Congratulations, Natasha! April is really close. This is amazing news. I'm really happy for you. IUI does increase in fertility with every cycle. I'm so glad you did not give up! It would've been really difficult. Anyone else would've probably given up. I don't think I would've pulled through, haha. I hope you get to experience a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully, things will run smoothly for you. Of course, and, thank you for kind words. The good thing is, I've managed to convince her, too. She's looking forward to the procedure. Hopefully, she finds success, too! Baby dust.
Thank you so much, @C_Lains. This was really nice of you. It's such a supportive comment. You're right, miscarriages can be really difficult to absorb. My husband's constant support got me through that. I know, that's why I've been by her side. I really thought it would be the best decision to go for IVF. She was convinced, too. However, we're doing exactly what you've suggested. I've got her an appointment with a fertility clinic. It's the same one where I went. They're really good at what they do. Fingers crossed, things get better for her now. She has her check-up tomorrow. We're really excited and nervous!
This thread has such good replies. Lovely post, Monika, thank you for this. You're doing the right thing by spreading this information. You're right, it's important to switch things around and look for alternate options. We need to make sure a second opinion is always on the cards. Keep up the good work! You're helping so many women.
It's great to see you care so much about her. She's in safe hands. You've got a lot of experience, too. I'm sure she's on the right track. I would suggest her to go down the same road you did. I'm sure you had your fertility checkup done from a clinic? That's the way to go, in my opinion! Good luck to her.
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