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Welecome Dylan Sean Lock Rss

Dylan arrived at 35wks 3 days on Saturday 6th June. He was 3ld 5oz (1510g) so a bit small for his age. He is in the RBWH (Brisbane) Neonatal Unit and is doing ok we just take 1 day at a time.
Anyother mums in this situation?

Sheree, QLD Dylan 3/6/06 & Heath 5/9/08

congratulations! well done... goodluck with everything, let us know how your getting on! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

How you going? Hope everything is going well with your little boy. I'm in a simular sort of situation. My little girl, Phoebe Ellen was born 5 weeks early on the 15th July. It was so weird, i just went in for a normal sorta antenatal checkup thing & they wouldnt let me leave coz they were saying i had preclampsia and my blood pressure was sky rocketting. Yeah so they held me in over night, then in the morning the doctors were saying they had to get her out that day, because it was to dangerous to leave her in there. So after she was born she was in the Special Care Nursery for 4 weeks, then they let her out 1 week before her due date. Once we got her home she was only there for 6 days because she got bronchilitis & had to go back and stay in hospital for another week. Now everything is going fairly well & she is finally home again, hopefully for good!
Its nice to hear about other people in the same sort of situation

PS. I've also heard prem's end up being stronger in the long run...guess thats a bonus after everything they have to go through!

Goodluck with u're little boy

Ellie smile
Hello again,
I forgot to tell you the details
Born at Womens & Childrens Hospital, Adelaide
15th July 2006 at 11:30am by ceaseran
weight 1310g (1.3kg)
length 39.5cm
head circumference 29.4 cm
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