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constipated on formula Lock Rss


My son lachlan is 9 weeks old and is now on formula (karicare gold) he seems to be very constipated and unhappy. Does anyone know of a better formula to help with this problem?

belinda, VIC

Hi Belinda,

Try re-posting this post in "Feeding your Newborn" and you may get more replies there..

Im pretty sure Karicare Gold has extra iron in it which may make them Constipated (but im not 100% sure), why not try the normal Karicare for infants?

Hope this helps,


hey belinda

just replying to your msg my little girl is 12 weeks old and she is on S26 newborn formula and i find that she is very happy content and ok in the toilet department.......

Its very good and working in childcare alot of parents use this brand of formula give i8t a go and let me know how your little one is....

Renae, WA 15mth baby girl

Hi belinda

i hav a 8 wk old son and he is on formula S26 for infants when i first swaped him over from breast he was a bit constipated but i just gave him small amounts of boiled water and within 2 days he was fine.

S26 was recommended by my mum she said thats what she fed me and reckons it the best and i would hav to agree with her.

Kylie... Jordan, Indiana and Tyson born 3month ear


i have a 3 month old little boy and he was constipated when he was about 7 weeks old we rang the maternity ward and they said that we were supposed to be giving him at least 40ml of water per day but no body ever told us that so maybe that might help or try a little bit of sugar in the water that works within 12 hours

goodluck hope i could help


Kimberley , Corey & Coby 11 months

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