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Hi all,

Just found out about this site

Jy James Stidworthy was born on the 20th of October at 8:55am weighing an impressive 5.914kgs/13lbs 1oz
He was 60cms long and had a head circumfrence of 39cms.

Lucky I went for a third scan at 36 weeks where the doctor told me he already weighed 4.5 kgs so I didnt hesitate to book in for a caeser!! I was out of hospital in 3 days so all is good now, hope everyone else is too.


wow!....that is huge! big is he now?...



Liam Evan, 2

Thanks heaps, were going to the 3 month weigh in in a couple of days so it will be interesting to see how much he has grown! Ill keep everyone posted.


I bet you're glad you had a ceasar. Hope you doing well.

Wendy, mum to Keira 07/05/03 and Georgia 24/01/05

That would be great, it would be great to hear how he is going!,


Liam Evan, 2

ur lucky to be out of the hospital in 3 days! I had a c section and they kept me in for a good 6 and only let me out cos i fought to be discharged!

13 pounds! Yikes! i think a c section was your best option for that! sounds like it would have been mega ouchies for a natural! was he ur first baby or have you had a few!

Also, how long approx does it take to get completely over a c section-i had mine a month ago (emergency) and i am still in a fair amount of pain. And do you have any numbness?

Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

Congraulataions! You must be surprised with that weight for Jy - he is the size of my Jaxon now at 3 months. Having anymore? You could nearly into the Guiness Book of Records with having another one - don't they say the get bigger each pregnacy!
Hope you enjoy him.


Wow 13 pounds, I canot image my little babe only weighed in at 2 pd 11 ozs he is now 12 weeks old and weighs just on 3 kgs. He is one of my two twins.
C-section for clarebear83, I had a c-section 2.5 yrs ago and was still numb to the day I had my secound c-section 12 weeks ago. The numbness is still there around the scar area. But I have too say I had no problems with my c-sections I am not in any pain, and would go back for another anyday. ( I wouldn't because I'm not haveing any more kids) but thats how good my 2 were.
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, my sis also hated hers(emergency) said it was the worst thing she ever experienced.
Have you spoken to your Doc incase there is anything else going on?
Good luck

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Megan,

congratulations, wow!
I thought my second boy Kody was big at 11 pounds/5050kgs, 55cms length. He was born on 6 september. Unfortunatly thou nobody new he was going to be that big and I delivered him naturally. He had a rough start with the cord around his shoulder and across his chest his apgars were low and he wasn't brething for a minute or two, but thankfully he is a healthy 7.4kg at his 41/2 month check.

I am so cranky that the nurses throughout my checkups weren't concerned. I had numerous people including complete stranges always asking me if I was preganant with twins. I was huge for my tiny body. My blood glucous was normal etc, so I am not sure why he was so big, neither my husband, myself or my first boy Jack are big. Thankfully, I didn't have the epidural that I was begging for throughout my labour otherwise i doubt if i'd been able to push him out at all.

What do you think contributed to your big boy? I will certainly be going for a late ultrasound if we decide to have a third baby.

I look forward to hearing the progress of your big little man.
Thanks everyone for your replies, weve been away for a couple of weeks so ive been a it slack to reply. We went for his weigh in last week he was about 7.6kgs and he was 14 weeks so that was good.
I was lucky enough to cruise through the caeser without any problems at all, it was scary enough for a elective one so I feel for you poor things who had to have an emergency one. Probably cause I was in a public hospital in a single room too, they were trying to get rid of me as soon as possible but i didnt mind cause I hate hospitals.
I didnt have much pain at all afterwards, survived on panadol for pain relief, too bad if I wanted a top up of the epidural, it fell out a few hours out of surgery. My scar is still numb though and the wound was sore to touch for a while afterwards.
I went for a third scan at 36 weeks and they estimated his weight at 4.5kgs so it wasnt a bad effort putting on another 1.4kgs in 3 weeks. My original doctor went away on holidays for a while so it was actually another one who id only seen once that sent me for the scan, thank god for that! I would have gone back to your nurses and given them a mouthfull, its not hard to write out a referral and would have saved you that pain.
The specialist didnt hesitate booking me in seeing as though Jy's head wasnt engaged at 37 weeks, he reckoned it was too big to fit. Im fairly tall, about 6 foot but my partner isint big at all really. Ill have to have another one I reckon just to see if its bigger!
Did anyone get many stretchmarks throughout their pregnancies? I copped them big time, they start just under my boobs and go right down to my scar, covered me completely, that and all the extra weight I put on...its a good thing its all worth it though.
I hope I covered eveything, sorry if I missed any
Take care all


Hi Megan,
My name is Nicole and I just wanted to let you know how brave you must have been!! My husband was a 13lb baby as well so you could imagine my concern when I was pregnant and how I was going to cope giving birth to a "bigger" baby. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sophia Rose, on the 29th July 2004. She weighed 6lb 4oz and was 49cms and was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. She is now 6 months old and is now my little buddah - definately has taken after her dad when he was a baby and I just love every single roll on her body!!! She is now crawling, starting solids and laughing and sqealing everyday!! I hope all is well with you and your beautiful baby boy.
Have a great day !

Nicole NT

Hi Clare,
I had a c-section back in July 2004 and I must say it was the best decision I made as I elected 2 days before. I was on pain killers for about 2 weeks and then didn't need anything after that. I must admit it was still quite tender and the swelling didn't actually go down till about 3-4 months but I have had no problems with it at all. Every now and again it does get a little itchy but I think that will always be part of a scar (my girlfriend had one 18months ago and hers still itches). Don't forget to take it easy as you did have major surgery!

Nicole NT

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