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Nooey's much anticipated bub has arrived!!!!!! Lock Rss

Well the much anticipated bub of Nooey made his arrival (yes a little boy!!!) at 2.40am this morning. Weighing in at 8lbs 9.5oz and 50cm in length hc 35cm. His name is Jailon and mum and bub are both doing well! Oh and her brother got to see him before he went home lol
Congratulations Nooey so glad to hear its all over and done with, and glad you didnt have to wait till Monday to be induced! Congrats again to you all im sure big sister will love him to pieces!
woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! well a huge congrats to the family, you all must over the moon, what great news!!!!! beaut name too!
Yay smile A big Congratulations to Nooey and her family how exciting for you all smile
Love the name smile
Take care Mel xxx

Thats awesome news Nooey, so happy for you and your family.

Sending huge congratulations your way.

Take care,
Fee. xx

P.S About bloody time!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Congrats to Nooey and family,
about time your little man arrived, happy to read that her bro got to see baby Jailon.

Love & Hugs
Michelle & family
woo bloody hoo

congrats babe im so happy for you finally you get to hold you lil boy yay.

congrats to you and your family

love R and J
Woohooo! Congrats Nooey! I bet you were beginning to think he'd never come out! LOL Awesome news, big hugs to you and your family. xx
CONGRATULATIONS NOOEY & FAMILY - Little boy, how lovely, pidgeon pair now!!! Chat to you soon.


VERY glad that it all happened on its own and you didn't have to be induced on Monday!

All the best for you and your fams!

Ana & N
Hope Your well and I Have To Say It Too!! ABOUT TIME!!Mwa ((HUGS)) Now i Just have like another 7 months or more to go hehe

Mikayla 1/2/05 Zachary 28/12/07

Congratulations Nooey. Finally, your little man has arrived. Now we know why he was running late - men!!! Best wishes to your family.

Congratulations Nooey!!! ABOUT TIME! hehehe enjoy every minute smile boys love their mummys so much! Cant wait to hear of your birth story xxxx
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