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Manning Bella Arps Lock Rss

What a surprise!!!!
I was due on 20th June, though at 4am on 31st May I woke up and felt a bit damp and I got up to go to the toilet and there was a bit of a trickle. To cut a long story short I rang the hospital and they told me to come up. After e few tests I was told that they will induce me as I waqs Strep B positive. After 14 1/2 hours Manning Bella Arps was born, she was posterior and I managed to get through the labour with no drugs and just the help of my husband and the great midwives. Manning was 3 weeks early and weighed 6 pound 15.

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

congratulations! well done! you must be thrilled! Goodluck for the future... visit for weekly specials on nappies and other baby bargains! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Congrats and all the best!!

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

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