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Nathan James Lock Rss

I finally have an announcement!
Nathan James was born on the 28th of June at 5.36pm. He weighed 3.2kg and is 50cm long and he is just perfect.
I was induced on the Monday night (he was 10 days overdue) and got through the labour with gas and pethidine. However I had a massive haemorrhage because my uterus didn't contract like it should. This was more painful than the delivery, but it is all becoming a distant memory now and I have my beautiful son.
Congrats Jen,

It is a wonderful experience isn't it...
My little girl Manning was born 1st June - 3 weeks early - what a surprise.
Hope everything is going well with you and bub..
Take Care

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

Congrats and hope everything is going well for you all!!

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

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