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New Young Mum Lock Rss

Hey Im 17 and i had my son Amorangi on the 15th April 2005 at 11.30pm.
I had a home pregnancy, and a five hour labour. No drugs or nothing. All natural.
He weighed 6 pound 6. Now nearly 3 months down the track, hes now 10 pounds 15 and hes now mimicing, coo-ing and even pulls the bottom lip.
he's goregous!
im a mum at 17 had my son on da 16th of june


hey im a 19 yr old with baby girl born in july isnt being a mum the best

NSW, Isabella (28/7/05), No. 2 due 15/10/05

Hello ladies
My name is Tarryn and iam also a young mum (20)i had my son Kai in july would love to chat to u all sometime


Hi I am a young mum of 2, Im 19 and my son is 14mths and daughter is 5 wks. I had 1 easy labour and 1 long one but had no drugs with any of them. Colbi was 5Lb 13 1/2ozs and Candice was 7Lb 15ozs.
hi everyone
im mandy i had my first son jordan when i was 18 and i now have a 2 month old boy kahurangi im 21
YOUNG_MUM17 what does amorangi mean? kahurangi means honourable
hi, i'm 18 and had my first baby girl taleah on the 11/10/05 i had a 2 day very stressful labour, i love being a mum it's just so stressful sometimes but i wouldn't change anything.

hope all u young mums and your baby's are doing fine

cassie x

cassie,qld,6wk baby


Im 21 and had my son Aiden on 30th August 2005 at 10:28pm, I love being a mum... He is almost 17wks and has such a great personality! Always smiling and laughing, even on the bad days just one smile makes it all worth while!! Dont you agree??


my name is abbey and am 17.
I have just had my beautiful baby boy by ceaser as of his size.

Date of Birth : Thursday 1st Decemeber 2005
Birth Weight : 10 pound 7oz
Length : 52cm
Head Circumference : 36.5cm
Time of Birth : 8:55am
Hospital : Port Macquarie Base
Baby's Name : Dash James

I love having him around and really enjoy being a young mum and have no worries with what people think as we are so happy together.

I would love to meet more young mums and exchange thoughts and photos and how our babies grow.

Bye , hope to hear from someone soon, thanx

Abbey, NSW, 17mth baby boy, 1 on way

Hey how's it going?

Im 20 and in 4 weeks time my partner and i are due to have our first baby (boy)... Very exciting times!!

I admire you having an au naturel birth thats so amazing i am hoping to do that too but i dont have a very high pain tolerance so i will just be taking it one step at a time!!

i love your name for your son what does it mean??

Are you getting any trouble from older people about you being a young mum?? I am getting so much of it and i am sick of it and wondering if you did how you coped with it??

Hana, NZ

Hana, Hamilton, Son named Jaxon

hey im kellie im a young mum too, im 20 this yr and i live in melbourne, add me to your msn if u want. mine is [email protected] my daughter was born on th 6th of oct '05, her 1st bday is coming soon. Chat soon yeh...

kellie, 20, VIC, Tiana born on 6.10.05

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