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Hello everyone,

We welcomed our first new little baby girl in to this world on the 24th of July 2 weeks early. Everyone had been predicting from the start of my pregnancy that I was having a boy because of the way I was carrying etc... Well much to everyones surprise including myself we had a beautiful baby girl.

We named her Tahnee-Jai
Her birth weight was 2930 grams
Length 47cm's
Head Circum 32cm's

Normal delivery, except a lot quicker than we expected, especially considering she was my first and everyone else had also predicted I would go over my edd... huh!!! All a bunch of wives tales LOL

Hi there

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter smile

I have started a msn group for mums with baby's born in July. It is has new mums as well mums with more then one child.

If you would like to join heres the link

Hope to see you there smile

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

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