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Lexapro?? Lock Rss

Has anyone else taken this? I have started taking it this week and within a couple of hrs of taking it I feel like im going to be sick.. Is that normal??

Hey I am on lexapro too and Nausea and headache are one of the major initial side effects. The Doc usually starts you on a half dose for 6 days and then onto a full dose to help wean you onto the medication I have taken this medication twice and both times the doc has done this. The symptoms wear off after a few days as your body adjusts
Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply, the Dr started me on the full dose... I cant wait for this feeling to go away.. I have now started taking them at night time as they are also making me feel really tired and I cant function like that when I have a 2yo and a 3 month old.

Im glad to know that it wont last to much longer!

I am also on lexapro and have been for about 6 months.

My tablets are 10mg but i only take half a tablet a night as i find if i take the full tablet it makes me all groggy and like im high on drugs....

I also have valium that i take on the rare occasion when im feeling stressed and anxious. But i hardly take that. Maybe once a month.

Just woundering what you ladies are taking lexapro for? Im on it for stress, anxity and panic attacks.

I also find if i miss more then 2 nights worth i get very sweety palms and tight chest also quite shaky. Similar to with drawles....

Hope that has helped.

Hi Shell,

I was put on Lexapro 20mg for PND, I take 1 tablet at night time, I have found that they make me very groggy to but I dont mind that as I was having trouble sleeping.

Thanks for your reply!

Hi I'm taking lexapro 10mg. This is the second time i've been taking it as i was put on it last year for PND and i stopped after 6 months and i had a rebound. I have found taking it at night is much better. If i take it in the morning about an hour after i take it i get very groggy and can't stop yawning. It only lats about half an hour but its still annoying!
Good luck to you all.
Hi there
I have antenatal depression, not PND, and they put me on Lexapro 10mg half tablets and I just didnt feel 'right' while I was on them. I was aggitated and felt really ill and groggy so they took me off them. They said all those side effects were normal but they lasted for more than a week so I eased off them. In the time I was coming off them I was having withdrawals, and Id only been on them for a week. Next they put me on Avanza SolTabs, which werent much better. They had to take me off those too as the side effects got worse than the Lexapro. Now Im trying to deal with things without any medications and its so much harder than I thought but I feel better not taking medications.
Hi there,

I was on Lexapro in May 2005 for 6 months. It gave me headaches and nausea but this went away after a couple of weeks. Good luck - there is light at the end of the tunnel.
My DH had been taking 60mg of Lexapro for 2 years and when he first started taking it, he was taking in the morning, and feeling the same thing, his pharmacist told him to take it at night, before bed, so those symptoms would occur when you were asleep... It worked for him, not sure if it wall work for you...

He has since been on Lovan, and had a terrible reaction to it, and is now back on Lexapro
Hi I started taking it in March this year. I was taking half a tablet for a week then went to a full tab. I felt nausea too. I still take it now I do want to get off it though.

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