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Post Natal Depression Lock Rss

I have just been told that I have post-natal depression. I have been placed on medication and I am starting to feel alot better. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has had this. I was told that i had a severe case i could not bond with my baby at all, had sucuide attempts and all. The hardest part was that i didn't think i had problem. I still feel like no-one wants to talk about this with me everyone wants to act like it's not a problem. Is there anyone who wants to talk about this, or any PND groups that they are aware of.

Nicole,NSW,16wk girl & 3yr girl

Hi nicck

I personally don't know what it is like to have PND but my best friend suffered from it & was put on medication too. She spoke to her Dr & he has put her into see someone to help her through it. All I can suggest is to have your friends around you as much as possible, she said that helped her HEAPS!
I think I spent nearly every day at her house with her for about 4 months she is now a lot better & off her medication.

If you ever want to chat please email me on [email protected]

Hope I've helped & hang in there Girl!

hi nicck
i have had post natal depression myself, after my 3rd baby. I now have four, Poppy is now 8weeks and so far I've been fine. I hope you are still doing OK because I really can empathise with you...remember you are not alone. I am actually doing some research into post natal depression for my own benefit as well as for an assignment for uni. If anyone would like to help me out and answer a few questions could they email me at [email protected] The questions are about the fact that there is still a real stigma attached to depression and many women are afraid to seek help. I want to know how mums feel about the care they received through their pregnancies. it seems a lot of emphasis is put on physical and not mental well-being. Then when the baby arrives no one asks about the mum at all!! So if you want to talk pls email me...I have a lot of information nicck so if you need some let me know.
heya nicck smile

i have suffered PND with the last 4 of my bubs and probably had it my first too, it was at it's peak with #4 and when i was pregnant with #5 i was put onto meds and i'm still on them, george is now 8wks. my meds are really low dose ones so bub doesnt end up with an addiction but i know the dose isnt high enough and so does my dr.

like you, i know what it's like to be suffering the stigmas attatched to PND, no one wants to talk about it, and even if you tell them and they say they understand and are supportive you will find for the most part they just dont want to talk about it again. the key is to surround yourself with a genuine support network that can honestly be there for you when you feel really blue, as well as when u feel relaly good, and having a good relationship with your dr is a good key too, as they will know when to change meds either way. always be honest about how your feeling and most of all, always be honest with yourself.

if you ever need someone to chat too, vent too, cry too, laugh with or just babble too, email me, i'm good at all of them smile

[email protected]

cheers smile


sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

Your not alone i have post Natal Depression with both my boys and still have it with my second as he is only 12 weeks old
so if u need to talk im only a click away
u can email me at [email protected]

i put the sold sign on my new house today

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