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Coping with PND and Christmas Lock Rss

Just wanting to know how other mums are coping with Christmas this year.

I seemed to have run the guantlet the last four years.

I had a terrible first pregnancy, resulting in an induction at 31 weeks, my son died just 9 hours later, another terrible pregnancy and my beautiful DD was born she is 2 1/2 and one of the reasons I live, my partner left when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant with my 7 month old miracle DD and the other reason I live.

Christmas is very hard, buying and wraping gifts for my girls and knowing there should be gifts for my son who would be 3 1/2 now. I try to be happy and enjoy xmas for the girls, but at night when noone is around, well lets just say its not great.

I've tried medication and counselling nothing really works when you can't fix whats broke.

has anyone any ways on how to cope. With the two little ones i have no time out, no one to take them, so even a walk is oput of the question (my little one is on my lap at the moment even).

thanks for listening

mummy to William (13/6/02), elizabeth 24/6/03 and charlotte 11/5/05
Hi Vanessa,

I can relate to your post. I also lost my first born 15 months ago and Christmas is a very tough time to get through. I just try to live with what happened. The death of my daughter is on my mind always and not being able to give a gift to your child is hard. What I usually do is still buy a gift for a child around the same age as my daughter would have been and donate it to a charity so another little girl could enjoy it.

Have you ever thought of leaving the girls in a occasional care centre maybe once a month or so for a few hours so you can have a little tme to your self? You could call your local council to get details of one in your area.

I really hope you and your girls have a wonderful Christmas.
If you ever want to chat about anything you can email me at: [email protected]

DD1/9/04, DS12/9/05, DS 19/9/06, DD 13/11/2009

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