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Do i have prenatal depression?? Lock Rss

Hi there,
I really need to know if i have this.I am 19 and have one baby that is 8months old and am 11weeks pregnant.When i came out of hospital after giving birth to my daughter i had really bad baby blues for about 2 weeks.It settled down and didnt seem to have PND.I have a past with depression/insomnia and have been on all sorts of meds for 5 years all i take now is ENDEP/Amitripilene to help me sleep at night.Lately i have been feeling really down and the things id normally be able to handle i cant i have no energy feel sleepy all the time and am withdrawn from my daughter which i feel really bad about cause i love her so much.I have been trying so hard to spend time with her.I have a partner that dosnt help very much but i have a wonderful mum that takes bub in the morn so i can sleep in.I have had a stressful 8 months bub has had colic,reflux,wind,Lactose intollerance and cries alot.I think it is all catching up on me???I have also had glandular fever which has given me bad fatigue.When bub cries i just feel like yelling or smacking her but i know this wont help so i comfort her but she feels that im uptight and wont settle with me.Most of the time she goes to my mum.I feel like a really bad mum.I have an appointment with a phsycologist in 4 weeks.What can i do till then to feel better??Does anyone know if i have this???I really need to talk to someone who has or had it.

Jaclyn,WA,Serena 13.04.05,Sasha 16.07.06.Shyla 20.

I am too unsure of if i have PND or not. I have a 5 year old and 3 mth old. I can get very moody. I get very upset at the littlest of things. When i do get upset i feel like i just want to hurt myself. I take things out on my partner. I try not too, but i cant help it. I felt this way when i had my first daughter. but not as bad, as i was still at school and was seperated from her when i went to school. She stayed at home with my mother. I feel like a bad mum. I feel like i have to impress everyone, to make them happy. If we get visitors i keep apologising for not having my house work done, then i feel guilty and upset for not doing my house work. I try not to take it out on the children. But when Lilian strats crying i sometimes feel like just telling her to shutup. Now i do sound like a bad mum! It seems like i have alot of problems, i have probs with our parents. They are very interferring. When i was told that my milk was no good for Lilian i felt like a real failure! (wasnt putting on enough weight when i was breast feeding) I have a wonderful partner who tries to understand. But i want to understand what is wrong with me. What do i need to do. How do i do it. Please i need help before i really harm myself.
hi there ,it could sound u might have prenatel depression with what u are going through i was like that with my first baby i could cope feeling down crying ancious ,and wanting to smack him but i didnt i didnt know what to do my partner realy didnt help as much but had his mum to help me ehich was great i had time alone with out the baby and and now i have anothe baby who is 7wks old i feel much beter and relaxed then i was with my first i had seen someone to talk about the baby blues and what i was going through and with that help it did me alot of wonders,so if u feeling that way talk to someone it will help especially now u are expecting another baby i hope that u can get better and get past it if u kneed to talk to anyone im here to listhen u can msg me on my msn to talk to me on
[email protected]

my name is amanda and ive got a 3yr old boy named bailey and a 7wk old named caleb

amanda ,bailey 4ys ,caleb, 18/11/05 ttc# hopefully

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