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  5. any1 else been told the have schizoaffective disorder??

any1 else been told the have schizoaffective disorder?? Lock Rss

hi there

just wondering if any1 else has been told that they have schizoaffective disorder??
not that i wish this upon any1 but it would b nice to chat with some1 who has been told the same.


Hi Karli,

Im sorry i cannot relate to you, but im hear to talk too if that helps, to be honest i havent heard of schizoaffective disorder.

Hi Karli,

I'm sorry I can't help you, I haven't heard of schizoaffective disorder before either. Can you tell us what it's all about? If you feel comfortable, that is.

sorry, i thought you were after more info, and understanding. In no way should anyone think people who have this are nutters. Unfortunately to many people don't understand the disorder and think it is something that it isn't. I was trying to correct the untrue stigma of what sufferers go through and why...
sorry again if the info I provided upset you, that wasn't my intention by any means.
[Edited on 27/07/2008]
thanks very much for telling every1. the only reason i didnt do it i didnt want ppl thinking i was a complete nutter.


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