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To All Women Part 2 Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I thought i would start our thread again.. I hope everyone is ok hope everyone come's in here and introduce yourself..

Hi my name is Sarah and i have a 1 year old named Joel..

Hi everyone, I'm Natalie.

I'm 34 and I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Lana and a 21 month son, Callum. My 3rd child, DH, is 35 (lol)

Hope everyone's doing well, am looking forward to chatting.

hi everyone i'm Nat, i'm 26(well it's my Birthday on Wed, i have 2 boys Jayden is 2yrs old and Ethan is almost 5 months old

I have been feeling really down lately my meds arn't working for me anymore.

how is everyone else

take care

Happy Birthday for Wednesday, Nat! Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt rotten.

Sorry you're having a rotten time at the moment, hope something turns around for you soon.

I'm going okay at the moment. Bit irritable today (just ask DH!) but not depressed irritable, just normal irritable, IYKWIM!

[Edited on 06/10/2008]
Morning Nat,Natalie.

How are you both today!! Im doing ok i was going of my meds to try for another baby but i was having a lot of trouble with them so know im on them again for another couple of months 50 mls so well see how that goes!! Im trying to get fit also as they say you fall pregnant at your healthest!!

Well i hope everyone is ok!! Joel is 1 on Thursday im not geeling to good about that!! The mixing of the two families not feeling to well about!!

Hi sez how are ya

wow you are trying for another baby i hope it happens soon for you.

i'm ok today a lot less stressed out.

have a good day


It well be awhile as im still trying to come of my meds its hard work!
Happy birthday for today i hope you have a wonderful day!!

i am so pissed off why do males have to spoil everything!!

i was feeling on top of the world today until my brother and my partener got into a fight while we were having my Birthday dinner at the club. i just left in tears.

I hate them so much,


I hope everyone else had a better day than me.


Oh, Nat, that's just so unfair. They could have behaved for one dinner, it's your birthday. sad

I hope the food was nice at least.....and that they feel really bad about it now. I hope tomorrow's better for you.

Sarah, Happy Birthday to your little one tomorrow. You must be very excited (as well as a bit sentimental!). Hope you all have a wonderful day.

I've been in a bit of a downer the last couple of days. I think it's because my husband had to go away for work last night and I worry about how I'll cope. It's so pathetic, it's only 1 night!!!!! He's still not back yet, but hopefully should be back late tonight some time. The kids are in bed,and they've been pretty good...I've just been really snappy with them when they don't deserve it and then I get annoyed with myself.

Worst thing is he took his work laptop so I have to go in the study to come on here, rather than use his laptop in front of the TV. LOL.

Well, hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow, me included!

(Edited to put my name in!)

[Edited on 08/10/2008]
Hi ladies, how are we today.

well im still pissed off, i can't believe they did that. i didn't enjoy my dinner i left half away through it. i have never had a birthday this shit in my life!!!.

Sez HAPPY BIRTHDAY to joel i hope you have a GREAT DAY,and get lots of presents.

Natalie i know how you feel i freak out every time im left alone with the kids i just think i can't do it by myself.

i hope everyone has a great day!


Oh Nat im sorry to hear about your birthdy dinner err!! Have they said sorry to you? How dare they act so middle minded.. Bloody males.

Well the morning has started of to be a wonderful morning Joel woke to a family room a presents he jsut loved his wrapping paer buzz light year!!

Im feeing very emtional today i jsut cant seem to get the thoughts of labour out of my head and my little baby is 1 huh was my head in the clouds the whole time..

I hope everyone has a wonderful time im going to try and get busy to keep my thought out of my head!!

Love you all

Hi everyone..

I am 27 and live in Regional Victoria.

My daughter Izabella has just turned one today and I am 4 weeks pregnant.

I have been treated for depression for the last 4 months or so and had to change my medication to Zoloft since becoming pregnant.. before that I was on Lovan, which was actually working quite well.

Since taking Zoloft I have been lethargic, have a metallic taste in my mouth and not feeling the best. With other people that have taken Zoloft is this the norm? And does it eventually go away?

Has anyone else taken anti-depressants while pregnant?

Would love to hear from you all..


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