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To all the women...TAKE 2. Lock Rss

LADIES your welcome to join this thread whenever u like here is the names, ages and birth dates of everyone and their kids who chat in here already!

Bella**Oscar -
Lisa 10/3/89....19yrs
Izzabella 15/4/06...2.5yrs
Oscar 27/6/07....17 months

Jaxsonsmum -
Shell 01/07/1985....23yrs
Jaxson 15/01/08...10 months
Bubs#2 EDD 19/05/09....15weeks Gest

moo courty-
moo -22 (16-5-86)
courtney-2 (24-5-06)

sherryn (shez) 09/07/1982 - 26 yrs
df - Drue
ds - Hayden 16/08/2006 27 months

Nat 08/10/1982 - 26 yrs
Jayden - 15/09/2006 - 2 yrs
Ethan - 21/05/2008 - 6 months

Lolly's Mum-
Ange 9/8/82 - 26 years
dh Donald
DD Leila 26/3/08

Sarah 22 years old
Joel 13mths

Leonie c ?-
Leonie 40 years young 26/9/68
Ethan 10/7/2008

Joshuas Mummy ?-
Tara 23 19/9/1985
DP Stuart
Joshua 17/6/2008

Kate 14/05/79.....29 years old
DH Josh.......28 years old
Ebony 08/03/05...... 3.5 years old
Jacob 10/04/07.......20 months old

Kathrine 02/12/1986 22 years old
DH Victor 29/03/1985 23 years old
Isabelle 26/03/2006 2.5 years old
William (Billy) 10/09/08 12 weeks old

felecia 26/04/1983 25 years old
dh scott 03/08/1983 also 25
ds jackson 27/05/2004 4.5 years
ds ryan 15/03/2006 2.5 years

Sophia 29/06/89 19 yrs
DH Kole 15/04/86 22yrs
Ella 29/09/08 9weeks

Kyles-01 - Kylie, 24
DF - Troy, 23
DD - Aliyah 19months

[Edited on 08/12/2008]
how nice of them oh well let's start fresh.

How is everyone today.


hello my lovely ladies!!!

silly mods!
hmmm...well, at least we made it to 50 pages before xmas! lol

oh, i have had a hell of a time the last few days! yesterday i was vomiting all day! couldnt even keep water down! i was sore all over and ended up goin to the dr and gettin a maxilon injection. i hate being sick!!

anyway, ended up taking some strong pain killers and going to bed very earily while DF looked after the kiddies!
i feel alot better today. still a lil sore and tired but hopefully that will pass soon. smile

anyways, enough about me. how has everyone been???? hope you are all having a great day! love ya's! MWAH xxx
stupid mods


now we have lost everything inclufing our list of names, birthdays, babies names and birthdays and of course our secret santa wish lists


Hey Ladies, I dont know if u all remeber me ive been in and out for a while and today went to read up on the posts to c how u all are going and HMMMM it was gone. Nuts.

Well here is my details for you all in case no one remembers who i am LOL.
Shell 23, DH 27, DS (Jaxson) 10 months (15/01/08)
diagnosed with PND 1 week before i found out i was pg LOL, doing well so far looking forward to new baby due 19th of May 09.

I'll try and stay in touch a bit more now.

Hope u are all well.
Hey ladies! I let the mods know in general that I was NOT happy about their trigger happy fingers on the delete button! Not that it will do any good anyway now.

Anyway, Lisa, there is a gastro bug going around SA at the moment so maybe you have got that? I know heaps of people that have had it or have got it. One of the little girls at Playgroup this morning decided to throw up everywhere in the toy room about half way through too so I am hoping that my 2 will escape as its the last thing I need! I don't do vomit very well!

Hey Shell, welcome back! Hope you are doing well and congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy! Hows it all going?

I'll put my details down again too:
Kate (29), DH (28), DD Ebony (3.5 years), DS Jacob (20 mths)
Live in SA
Diagnosed with PND about 6 months ago, but have suffered from it since DS was about 6 weeks old. Was just too stubborn to ever do anything about it or admit that I needed help!

Are we all ready to send our DD pressies!! I'm getting impatient now! LOL!

Hi All,
This is my first post here.... I'm 40yrs old, DH is 38 yrs ( yep a younger man LOL) and have one DS who is nearly 5 month ( D.O.B. 10/7/08) I don't know if I have PND but all I do know is that I feel so lonely even though I have my DH and other family around and I cry at the drop of a hat. I live in Adelaide S.A. My DS is a good baby ( well as good as any baby can be) but I find myself being angry and resentful that I can't do the things that I would just love to do like jump in the car and have drinks with my old work mates, selfish aren't I ? I have my health a great partner and a wonderful and healthy baby and yet I still don't seem happy.If you don't want me to post any more on this just let me know cos I don't want to be a pain in the b### and I will understand, anyway thanks for listening/reading i appreciate it.
hi ladies

I hope everyone is ok and feeling great. Iv had a shit couple of days. But im feeling better today. Although DP is out and im started to feel very much upset. But im not going to give in im going to trust him after all i haev no reason not too.

Ok love you all speak soon.

Bloody Mods!!
Welcome Leonie!

Number one rule, no one in this thread is a pain in the b### and you are welcome here anytime for any reason you like! Thats what we are here for, to listen and to offer support as best we can. I think we all find that sometimes it is easier to talk to people who are not directly involved in our situation, well I do anyway.

Firstly, what you are feeling is perfectly normal. It took me almost 12 months of feeling like you are now to admit that I needed help. It was the ladies in here that gave me the strength to do that. Having a baby is the biggest lifestyle change in the world and takes some adjusting to. Some of us are just not cut out to be a natural full time stay at home mum, I know I'm not. And theres nothing wrong with that.

With PND, you tend to focus more on the negatives rather than the positives about your life, and sometimes it just takes a little balance for you to make your situation better for you. Perhaps once a week someone could take your DS for you, even if its just for a couple of hours so you can have some time to yourself to do something that you want to do. Could your partner look after DS for a couple hours a week for you? Or a family member or close friend? You will find that just having that couple of hours to yourself will revitalise you and make you feel better about yourself, not to mention give you something to look forward to each week as well.

I live in SA as well, in the Northern Suburbs. Where abouts are you in Adelaide??

welcome leonie!

sez, chin up hun! just try not to think about what he's doing! enjoy the time you have to yourself!!
So girls..... what do ya reckon?? 50 pages by Christmas again then??

lmao kate!!! are you serious?! it only took us what 6 months to get to 50 in the first place!! lol and at least half of that was meaningless dribble!! lmao!
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