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pnd?? or just cos my baby is sick...??? Lock Rss

i have a ds who is 2yrs - wonderful boy but very active

i have a 12week old who has been in hosp since birth - she has breathing probs and so has to stay in hosp..... my dh is great but has to work long hours to support us

my dd 12weeks has just contracted mrsa (golden staff) on top of everything else...... i feel like crying all day/night and often do... and feel totally lost....

im not sure if i have pnd or if its just cos of the situation im in - please give me some advice - cos im really struggling sad
oh you poor thing!! **hugs to you xx**!!!!!

im so sorry your little one isnt well sad what an awful situation to be in. Life is hard enough with little ones let alone having your baby in hospital and trying to cope!!! Do you have a good support network? having a close girlfriend or family member is great, but also please talk to a professional about how you feel, wheather it is your gp, or early childhood nurse. You really need good support and someone that is going to help you and your family. You have every right to feel the way you do, so please try not to beat yourself up xx try every day to do something for yourself, even just 10 minutes of something you like doing like walking, hot shower, chat to friend etc.

I really hope your little one is out of hospital asap and your family is all together xx

please pm me if youd like to chat.
best wishes hun, kristen xxx
Big Hugs

what a horrible situation to be in

it sounds to me like you have just been dealt a really difficult hand and are having trouble coping (understandably!)
It may not be PND and might dissipate with time as your little one gets better, but if you get to the point where you cant function in your every day tasks, then it might be a good idea to talk to a health professional.
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