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How can I get my motivation back? Lock Rss

I have PND, and am still struggling to get through it.

I've really lost my motivation for lots of things. I'm behind on my housework, I'm not eating well or exercising enough (and therefore putting on weight), and I'm not taking very good care of my appearance.

I WANT to make changes, and sort these things out so I'm happier and healthier, but when I look at it, it all just seems too hard. I look around my house, and it's so untidy that I don't know where to start.

Sorry this just sounds like a whingy post. I'd just really like some ideas to help improve my motivation.

Any ideas would be really appreciated.

Leah smile
Hi Leah. smile

Do you get out with friends very often? Or even just out of the house? Sometimes if I'm feeling a bit crap and blah, I just drop everything and spend the morning (or even the day) out of the house with a friend or do something with DS.

Sorry to hear you're feeling this way. I'm here to hang out if you want! smile

Hi Leah, I also suffered from PND. It took me about 3 years to become my normal self again, but I recognise that lack of motivation feeling! If my house looked like a tip, I'd phone a friend and invite them round in a couple of days - then I had to tidy up, no excuses. But my best advice would be to make sure to organise an appt or play date or anything that will give you something to look forward to, at least once a week. Also try and do some exercise - I truly believe that once I started exercising was when I really began to shake it off. I felt more energetic and then I started losing weight, so I felt amazing. Ijoined a gym so the kids were in creche and I had a special time just for ME, but you could just as easily go for a walk or a swim. But above all else, make sure to keep in touch with your dr, CHN or health care professional. Do you talk to someone about things? I used to see a therapist once a week and it was extremely beneficial, just to unburden myself and talk to someone who didn't know me, and was completely objective.

Try and keep positive - I know it's hard to believe but you can get through it. I look back at my experience with PND as something positive, as it highlighted what a wonderful husband I have, and how lucky I am to have the life that I do. If you want to chat, give me a PM smile

Meagan x

maybe some goals, variety of short and long term with rewards.
Eg- I'll keep the house tidy so the flowers I buy myself each week look lovely.
And as PP said time out and talking to some friends?
i find that once i actually start the task and see some results that is when i become motivated.
L when my house starts to become neglected, (like now) I take it one room at a time, one day at a time - they may not be consecutive days mind you... My main living area is usually OK, but the rooms can have their doors shut...

Today I got in and cleaned thoroughly our ensuite, which hasn't been thoroughly done for a while. I have a list that I check off.

Sometimes as a PP said, inviting someone around for a morning tea helps - give yourself a few days window, and then get sorted in the meantime before the day.

its a long road back from PND. It takes time. I'm only now seeing the end to mine. I think as for the motivation, i faked it. I kept doing it, getting dressed, makeup the works. I don't know if thats the solution, but i spose it somewhat worked for me. DH and parents stopped hasseling me to get better, so i could do it in my own time.
Try breaking it down into steps. Personally I find if I make the effort to even just put on mascara or lipstick, I feel a bit better about myself and its a start. If it won't break teh bank, go get your hair done or maybe a new pair of pants or tee shirt. I've been working to get myself easy maintenance lol.

I despise house work - start with making your bed in the morning, it automatically makes the room look tidier.

This might sound odd but how many laundry baskets do you have? I pile all dirty washing into a couple of baskets and then once its clean and dry I had another one (or two) that was for clean clothes - so that at least they weren't scattered all over the place. Just until I felt up to sitting there and folding it and putting it all away. They are also handy for when you do a run around and then can sort through items from one spot.

*hugs* You will get there smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Thanks so much everyone for your replies. I will reply properly tomorrow, but just wanted to say thanks so you know I read what you wrote.

Leah smile
I had pretty bad PND and ended up seeing a psychologist. Here are some things she suggested to me (and worked for me):

> Before you go to bed write down 2 things you want to achieve the next day, could be as simple as mop the floors or iron the clothes. Once you are consistently doing 2 things each day make the list bigger to 5 and then 10 until you don't need it anymore.

> Try to get out of the house at least every second day, by leaving the house you need to make yourself presentable and are more likely to look after yourself. It could be to go to the park or the library or playgroup.

> Print out a big monthly calender to put on the fridge/wall and write every appointment you have or anything you need to remember on it. I was very forgetful with PND lol.

> Keep a journal, write in it at night about everything that happened during the day. Try to write down why you felt angry/sad/emotional.

I can't think of anything else atm but there was more lol. Hope that helps anyway.

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