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Feeling Alone Lock Rss

Hi There
I have two girls 18months apart and am really feeling the strain of it all. My oldest daughter is great and has always been really easy but my other daughter who is now 6 weeks old is more of a difficult baby and I feel like Im not bonding with her at all. My husband takes over with her alot cause I just cant cope and whenver Im alone with her I feel I cant cope with her and just start crying. I have no family support as we live away from them and dont feel like I have any real friends to go to and speak about how Im feeling, I try to look happy all the time when my husband is around but whenever Im alone I just want to cry! Is this PND or just lack of sleep and stress?? Can anyone shed some light on the subject...

Lorraine, WA

You are not alone.

My younger two girls are 17 months apart they are now 3 1/2 and 2, and like you my older girl was great but the baby was very difficult, she had gastric reflux, feeding problems, didn't sleep for any great length of time. I was exhausted, stressed upset and felt unable to cope, I knew that i wasn't "depressed" but felt down it's hard to explain the difference.

I don't know if it's PND or exhaustion that something you need to talk to your GP or Child Health Nurse the nurse i went to was a godsend and she would ring and check on me every so often - and please tell your husband how you are really feeling.

My friend would ring every day and i would offload on her she was and still is a gem. She also worked night shift and often felt the same i did - inability to cope at times and we came to the conclusion that because we were so exhausted it was harder to cope.

It does get better, but when i was where you are at that's the last thing i wanted to hear because all i cared about was the here and now!

If you wont to make contact let me know i will give you my email address. I am WA also.
I had PND too with my son. I didn't want to admit I have PND for 9 months....until one day I felt very exhausted mentally and phsycally because and night I always angry with my husband. Yelling at him, complaining and luckily I have a very patience husband...he just kept quiet until that day he can't tolerate anymore and we had a big fight. I also cried a lot at that time. After that big fight, I talked to my GP and she prescribed me an anti-depressant medicine which I took for about 6 months. It helped me so much...I became more relax, more calm, under control and can sleep well too. I also don't have any friends to talk because I just come to Australia 4 years ago. All my family and friends are in other country. So I kept blaming my husband for the bad day I had and for taking me away from my families. But with the second child now, I feel more relax and know how to handle the situation...actually my daughter is more harder to take care compare with my son...but I just enjoy it.

ef_joe, NSW, jonathan almost 4 yo, jocelyn 3mth

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