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i need to say something Lock Rss

Things were hard when i first had my son, i've often felt guilty for bringing him into the worl as i''ve felt that i've done the worst possible thing. I dont see any point in being here other than to help him.
I keep pretending everything is okay towards other people, especially when it come to the plunket nurse who always asks if i've felt depressed etc, i cant bring myself to tell her how it really is. I just pretend like everything is okay.

I know i should talk to someone but i just keep waiting for the horriblness/ bad sort of thoughts to end, but it never does. I thought maybe coming on here may help. I wouldnt do anything to myself because i do not want to leave my son. My partner doesnt really understand at all, ive tried to tell him but i just would sound desperate, plus he leaves all the time before i build up the courage.

wow, didnt realise how much i have written. i dont really knpow if this needs a reply but i just needed to say something. I stay as strong as i can for my son throughout the day but as soon as he has gone down for the night i just end up crying myself to sleep, i cant remember a day which hasnt ended in tears, i find myself tearing up whilst driving back home from places, its like coming back to the reality of realising what is the point in this world.
hi, maybe you should tell your plunket nurse or doctor.... that doesn't make you a bad mummy it just means you need help.... having a new baby isn't all butter flies and sometimes its really overwheilming and you need to tell someone you need help.

if your partner doesn't understand do you have a mum or sister or someone you can call ... sometimes putting up a front isn't the best,,,, do you feel you could leave a message on your plunkets phone number and get her to ring you rather than talking face to face and she will set up some help for you..... a counsiller or similar... in NZ plunket or your doctor have help available at their finger tips to get to you...

Your not alone in feeling like this and your making the first step.... other ideas are joining the parents centre.... this is in most towns or citys, music and movement, also in most towns and cities.... walking groups. also just putting bubby in the pram and walking to the local shops for a pint of milk can get you out of the house and you can feel a little better...

tell your partner again that you need help, I have rung my husband before at work and have made him come home because i haven't been coping in the early days after i had just had the last baby....
Oh honey sad Firstly Great Big hugs! Your deffiantley not alone!!!

If you dont feel like talking to your nurse perhaps going and seeing your GP? I dont know where your from but in Oz you can get a referal for 10 free concelling sessions by medicare and your Dr should be able to sort that out for you
First of all its not you. Your mind is playing tricks on you honey and clouding everything in grey. The first time I suffered PND I didnt get help. It took nine months before I started feeling better. But I suffered Depression on and off constantly. After my last bub was born I ended up in hospital for 4 weeks. I could no longer pretend I wasnt coping and I completely crashed. Sometime its easier writing it down. So if you dont feel like you can tell your nurse when she comes over maybe it would help to write some feelings and thoughts down and go through it with her next time she visits or take it to your GP.
Having a bub is hard. I found the first one hardest of all because you change your whole lifestyle and it sometime feels like you've lost the old you and you need to rediscover who you are and where you now fit into the world with your new bub.
It does get better. If you dont feel like you can do it for you do it for your bub because you both deserve the best. You deserve to be enjoying life with your new babe. Your ticker says your bub is now 3mths. Congrats because the first three months are brutal and now they are over you have many exciting stages to look forward to and you start to reap those rewards with more responses back from bub.
Have you got a supportive family member?? Its probably important to have someone who you can talk through all these new feelings with. If you dont, feel free to post here there are many women who have been through or who are going through the same thing - you are not alone.

I didn't ask for help the first time I had PND, it took 8mths. I asked for help from my Maternal Health Nurse, she put me onto a counseller/psychologist who was free though Medicare and after a few visits with her she recommended that I got see a GP that she knew was good with depression patients. I was put on Zoloft, it did help. But just telling someone was so freeing, a weight of my shoulders. They won't judge you or think any less of you, they are there to help you. These first few months of my DS's life are a blur and I hate that, because he is the most amazing little boy and I love him so much.

I have 3 children now and have had PND with all three, so I speak from experience. Second time around because everyone (family, medical etc) were aware it was picked up ante-natally. By the time I had her a centre for PND had been set up locally and they sent out a counsellor to my home. I also had my Maternal Health Nurse come to the home too. I wouldn't have know anything was available to me if I hadn't asked. This time around I have so much support, that I have coped well with the PND.

I have not just my family, but now I have my online family to help me through. Because of Huggies, I have met mothers who live locally, who I have lunch with once a week and also the mum's who I went through my pregnancy with, who I still keep up with on facebook.

Keep connecting with people and keep posting on here. No one will judge you for anything you have to say or that you do. We are all here to help. GBH and you are definitely never alone.
I truly believe you need to speak out - it is a total weight lifting experience once everyone is aware !

I am a firm believer in anti-depressants, etc, so don't feel like your a failure, because you are far from it. Do anything to keep you well and happy I reckon !

As an aside, does anyone know of anywhere/groups/centres etc in the Brisbane area that do cater for PND if you are a public patient ??

"As an aside, does anyone know of anywhere/groups/centres etc in the Brisbane area that do cater for PND if you are a public patient ??"

Post Natal Disorder Info. MHA QLD
Fleming House, Orford Dr, Wacol QLD 4076
(07) 3271 5544 ?

Hope these links help:)))
I know you are waiting for the horrible thoughts to leave but they wont.

You have described exactly how I felt after DD was born and I was diagnosed with severe PND and immediately put on medication. The doctor actually said to me that it was a miracle that I was still here, and i told him I cant go anywhere or I'd have to take her with me!!

Please PM me if you need to talk, I have been there and come out the other side, we are all here to help you.
Hi everyone out there with or have experience with PND,

I am suffering with PND, only admitted to this this week and started with medication. I think talking to someone is a better alternative, or an ideal addition, to medication, but going through my phone list only to realize there is no one to talk to...

Not sure where to go from here, can anyone help...listen to what I am going through and offer support/advise/just listen?

Please email me directly
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