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Just about to explode Lock Rss

I really just need to vent..

I am sooo stressed. Im a single mum to my 22month old son I was diagnosed with PND about 7months ago and have been taking medication but it doesnt seem to be working much anymore..

He has been nothing but sick for months now. Hes had broncitis, hand foot and mouth, colds, his recent sickness is tonsilitis and then a purfurated ear drum and now his tonsils have flared back up again and hes now got hand foot and mouth again.. Hes had 5 weeks of antibiotics and nothing has changed ive seen 4 doctors, been to the royal childrens and he just keeps getting anti biotics.. I have the most irritable child and im just not coping.
My mums in Sydney and my grandmother is too eldery to pick up my son and she cant afford to get sick. My aunty has 2 different types of arthritis and cant lift my son either cause hes 17kgs. My very few friends are all working, or at uni or just cant afford to drive out to me.. My sister works constantly and I just feel like I have no one to turn too..

Im supposed to be starting some training for a new job tomorrow but cant take my son to daycare cause of the hand foot and mouth which means i cant start this job and Im just at the end of my teather.. To top it all off Im trying to move house on my own and its not easy..
I can honeslty say i feel like running myself over with a truck..

I really need some help atm and i have no one to help me..

can you go to the doctors and say you need help and they might be able to send you in the right direction...

salvation army? church groups? play groups? neighbour?

could you ring your sister and let her know how bad it is? where are you at the moment? do you have a car? can you go to the salvation army? or something....

even though your aunty can't lift him can you go there and spend some time with another adult just for the support for a few hours,, maybe put him to sleep there or stay the night???
Ive got mums car while shes in Sydney. My aunty has her own things to deal with atm (getting her children back from her abusive ex) and its all she talks about and it makes me sader..

My sister is in a job where she cant just pack up and leave for an house or so..

I just feel soo stressed and frustrated..
Im trying to get myself organised to start studying on the 4th and nothing seems to be falling into place..

Sounds like you need to be talking to a professional love. I had clinical pnd, it wasnt nice. But did over come it.
Learning to breath through your problems is important, and then shug them away, out the window. Try not to look at the WHOLE over all picture, just take it step by step, one hour at a time.
Try to put your energys into things that you enjoy, like swimming painting, friends, writing, or whatever so it is that you enjoy, do this rather then putting your energies into the unknown, the what if's.
Control what you can, accept what you cant.
When theres a WILL there is ALWAYS a way.

I can honeslty say i feel like running myself over with a truck..

I really need some help atm and i have no one to help me..

Ok, so the bit above there is very concerning. It is normal to feel really overwhelmed, and it sounds to me like you have lots on your plate and don't feel you have any support. If you are feeling suicidal then that is very serious and you need to talk to someone now, if you can't call someone in your life and tell them how you are feeling, please call lifeline on 13 11 14.
As for support, it's something we all need, and if you don't feel you can ask the people in your life for help then you need to try and think of some ways to get support for yourself. There are mothers groups and single parent support groups out there, but you need to be willing to try them.
Hope you are ok, and if you need help always reach out.

I found out what was available to me regarding child care and PND counselling through my Maternal Health Nurse. Local Council might know of mothers group. I had problems with finances last year and Salvo's helped me out. Here's also Anglicare and Community Connections too. Lifeline are definitely worth it if you just need a chat. It's always good to keep making connections with people, weather it be face to face or online. You definitely need to finds someone to help, so you can take a breath. I met some local girls through Huggies. One of the girls put a post up wanting to meet up with girls in my area, 3 others answered it and we have been meeting up regularly since June last year. Doesn't hurt to reach out to people and ask for help.
What city are you in? There are places that can give you respite, just like if you did have shared custody, or grandparent care, just a weekend here and there. Just ask the health nurse I guess. I work alongside a church group that do this. I wish you luck and hope you get better soon for both of you...
Yeah, what city are you in ?

Start with Lifeline for a chat and it may help you feel better to get it off your chest.

Get a good GP too. Ask them about the meds, because they could up the dose for you.

Talk to everyone and anyone to get their advice and/or any assistance you could be eligible for. You've done so well to get this far !!! Be proud of that

If you are feeling over whelmed it is best to speak to a professional. Perhaps make an appointment with your doctor or early childhood clinic, or a helpline may be able to offer you assistance. We have a lot of information on our site which may be worth a read through as well;

Post Natal Depression
Finding Help In Your Community
Post Natal Depression Q&A

Best of luck to you <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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