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Medications prescribes for postnatal depression (cymbalta) Lock Rss

Hi mummies just wondering if anybody had been prescribed the antidepressant cymbalata /duloxatine for postnatal depression? Want to know experiences of this drug. I have a 3 year old and a six month bub
I haven't been prescribed this for PND, but I am on it atm for Fibromyalgia a pain disorder. I have found it great for depression, with little side effects. It's worth a try, but everyone reacts to this a/d differently. The one bonus for me is that I haven't put on extra weight and it has decreased my appetite. The only side effect that has affected me is dry mouth. Which in case you don't know can be dangerous for you teeth. I use a special toothpaste and mouth wash to help this. Sometimes just chewing Extra gum helps too.

I have been on many a/d over the years because I first had depression post natally with my first child 9years ago. This one is one of the best for depression. Also if you can maybe try getting some counselling to help sort your thoughts out and how to cope. Talking online and with friends/family is good to. You may feel isolated at times, but if you look there is help out there. You are quite welcome to add me to your friends list and message me anytime:) (((HUGS)))
Thank you so much for your feedback. I have spoke to so many people an no one I spoke to had ever heard of the a/d. My doc said its one of the better ones without the scary side effects that some of the others have. Said it works really well for women too.

I was on this drug for depression not for PND though. (60mg dose)
Honestly it affected me, i put on weight and when it was time to come of it it took me a good 6 month's or longer to ween myself of them. I had to be put on other medication so i could cope with the withdrawal of weening off.
A bit different but my DH was on this for a while. l think his dose ended up around 120mg! Not until changing psychiatrists did they realise it wasn't working effectively and has since changed medications. As mentioned in pp, it was really hard for him to come off it.

However, if your GP etc has suggested this, there will be a reason why they think it will be suitable for you. Look after yourself smile

Well I am on its sister medication known as effexor (venlafaxine) as like Cymbalta they are both SNRI meds so they work on serotonin and noradrenaline receptors in the brain which causes the decrease in appetite
I have found Venlafaxine fantastic and the only antidepressant to see me through my pregnancy and my life before pregnancy and its great for helping weight loss as it never once has made me hungry unless I take antipsychotic meds when I need to which I hate but they are for my PND :/ although cymbalta in high doses is toxic to the liver, so my doctor tells me as its not used here we have effexor instead as its in the same family
but both cymbalta and effexor are stronger than the typical SSRI meds like prozac, arapax and citalopram etc which only work on serotonin. I thinkk they are overall a good anti anxiety and depression med and unlike effexor which I am on they are MUCH easier to withdraw from
I do hope I could help, having a lot of experience with psychiatric medications I am free to talk about them if you need to ask a question about them

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