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Am I being selfish? Lock Rss

Hi there
So I thought of writing how I have been feeling lately
My son is 6.5 months old and was very unsettled at the beginning for first 5 months
At that time I had no help other than my hubby who works 7 days a week
I was spending all day long with the little man
He would only sleep in my arms and non stop crying was a a top list
Anyways after being to the sleep school he is much better than what he was
He is settled n happy baby
Now since he is much settled I let him play on the floor and do my household things
Sometimes I sit down on the coutch and watch tv or paint my nails
Or catch up with friends on the phone while he is playing but lately I have been feeling bad about leaving him to play on the floor while I'm watching tv or painting my nails and so on
I do play with him on the floor ,read him books, bathing ,feeding, talking, all sorts of things but I do get tired
I feel like I should not b doing anything for myself and just pay attention to my son all the time
Does anyone else feel the same way?
Am I wrong?
Thanks for Ur support

i think its good to learn a bit of independent play. as long as you are still doing what you said you are doing then i dont see whats wrong with it.... unless its for most of the day

HappyHead wrote:
You shouldnt feel bad, you cannot have him attached to you 24/7, its not good for either of you.

You are still "with" him, just each of you doing your own thing sometimes, and that's a good thing. Its really good for bub to just be and explore the world, even if that is just looking around and taking everything in. He doesnt need you to be interacting with him every waking hour and I bet you feel better when you've had a chance to paint your nails or watch a bit of TV smile Win, Win!

+1. well said happyhead, completely agree.
The secret to keeping ones sanity is being able to enjoy motherhood and it sounds like that's what your doing. Painting your nails or catching up with a friend doesn't make you selfish or a bad mother. Its not like yourve left him to cry on the floor alone whille your pampering yourself. Being a mum doesn't mean you can't spend time on yourself... it just means its slightly trickier than it used to be smile
Your doing a fab job so just enjoy smile

You're not being selfish - every mum needs to do some things for themselves and it makes you a better mum too. After I've had some time to myself I come back to the boys feeling refreshed and revived.

Thanks everyone for ur kind support
I feel better now
I don't leave him alone or crying or anything like that
Don't ignore him and his needs at all
It's just I have been taking bit of time for myself which I have not had for long time that's all made me feel bit bad about it
But thanks so much
Much appreciated

I know what you mean, As long as your baby is happy then it's fine. They need to be able to explore and play. Independent play is a good skill for them to learn.
If it was a 2nd or 3rd child they would probably be spending a lot more time on the floor by themself whilst you attended to the older ones anyway. I felt guilty about leaving my oldest on the floor by himself and as a result barely did it. My younger two spent a lot more time independently on the floor and as they got older they were a more confident and happier to explore on their own where as DS1 always needed someone with him. So I think the independant time is good for them as long as it's within reason and balanced out with some quality interactions....sounds like you have a good balance smile

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