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Just feeling like a mum and wife Lock Rss

I am 25 with a 6 year old 3 year old and twins arriving on thursday. i have a wonderful partner that would do anything for us to make sure we have the best in life, and will work as hard as possible so i dont have to go back to work before i feel i am ready.

but lately ive been feeling really depressed just being at home with the kids, i live in a town full of people who backstab you but will pretend to be your bestfriend just to find more to gossip about you, i am not close to my mother, never have been. and without a car and licence i just feel blah and locked up inside all the time.

i get moody and snappy over nothing, and i know it isnt the hormones this time around because i was feeling like it before the pregnancy. i just dont know what to do anymore, i dont feel as though i can trust anyone anymore, and that all my feelings and thoughts are just bottled up eatting away at me :'(
Yes joined this site to have "adult" conversation when needed. Just hard. Talked with my other half and im going to find a playgroup after me and the twins have settled back home and hopefully those 2 hours a week will help
I ended up setting up a facebook mothers group as I was going insane being at home with my ds who is a handful and my constant migraines. I was so lonely for years and very depressed. I now have made a few friends & feel like I have another purpose apart from sahm.

You will have your hands full with the babies but you can still go online if you need to chat to other mums. Also as suggested go out for a walk or something just to get out of the house. All the best for today. smile

Yes hands will be full now. Just slowly easing into it. Trying to put a stop to feeling down before it turns into depression
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