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How did you deal with PND? Rss

Hello Ladies!

It's taken me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to get on here and ask for information on PND, a bit of pride (and why am I ashamed about it? I mean, really) standing in the way I guess.

My youngest is 12 weeks old and my eldest is nearly 21 months. At my 6 week check up with my midwife it was discussed that I have PND (this was later confirmed by the doc) and what to do about it. It wasn't so much that I was overly sad, more feeling very flat and felt like I was treading water barely keeping my head above.
I've started to go see a counsellor as I just needed to talk to someone who wasn't directly involved (ie family, friends etc) and to get some coping tips.

Heres where you come in smile
I've only just started seeing the counsellor and so that side of things will no doubt take time. The Doctor has suggested that I may look at taking a short course of anti-depressants to help get things back into balance. She has assured me it's not a permanent thing and it will get better however I'm not so keen on taking them. I'd rather try everything else first and use them as a last resort as I don't want to become reliant on something synthetic to help make me feel happy.

What did you find helped you feel a bit more balanced/happier? Did you have any 'go to' natural remedies that you found worked? Calming techniques?

I know that Post Natal Depression won't be fixed overnight (however much I can't wait to feel 'normal' again!!) if I don't do something soon, something will give. And at the rate things are going, that thing will most likely be my marriage as my poor husband is bearing the brunt of it and not coping with the added stress himself sad
I think it's often a "ride it out" kind of experience. PND can be a combination of environmental factors i.e. sleep deprivation, unsettled baby, demands of older children, lack of support etc as well as hormonal influences. Obviously things like having a young baby, settling in with routine will just take time to get better and counselling can help with getting coping strategies when you feel overwhelmed, but sometimes antidepressents are beneficial in helping to correct hormonal imbalances and taking the "edge" off the symptoms while you go through counselling and make positive lifestyles changes. I understand your reluctance to take medication, after having suffered depression on and off for many years including PND, I have always struggled to accept that medication is sometimes necessary, but in saying that, I have sometimes taken short courses (6 months) of medication to help get through rough patches and I never regret it as it helps break the cycle. I liken it to if you found out you had diabetes you wouldn't refuse insulin if you needed it...

Anyway, I'm not saying rush out and get medication because I believe that things like counselling, exercise, good diet and some "time out" from the kids can be enough to improve your mood. I would start by trying to make an effort to go out once a week, be it just for a coffee with a friend, taking up a hobby like maybe start a quilting class or a sport or hobby you've always been interested in but never got around to, make sure you take the time to eat well and avoid too many PJ days (this sounds dumb, but it is amazing how much something as simple as getting dressed and showered in the morning can do!) If you can afford it, perhaps look at hiring a cleaner once a week or fortnight so you can have more time to just enjoy your kids without worrying about cleaning the bathrooms or washing the floor.

I hope that helps. Please if you find you're not improving, consider medication but I think the focus is often just about giving yourself breathing space so you can regain some normality

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I suffered from depression a couple of years back, mine was caused from lack of sleep due to the chch earthquakes not from pnd. I saw a counselor and took a mild sleeping pill just to help me get some sleep for approx one month and I found that once I caught up on some sleep and could relax a little that I felt alot better. The counselor was great too, help me see it wasnt my fault. good luck

Well done talking abot it on here smile my story... I've had depression 3 x in the last 15 years (lasting abot a year each time I think) And diagnosed with PND when dd was 4-5 months old, having feeding refusal issues etc and felt no one was listening when I kept saying it was reflux... Anyway, I was referred to a free plunket service (can't remember the name) and a really really nice lady came and talked to me once a week for about a month and was always available over the phone, the support of her listening made a huge difference. And she was able to give useful suggestions for day to day coping and help me see things from a different perspective.

I was encouraged by her and my GP to go onto antidepressants (as had worked well for me the 3 other times) and I can't explain or rationalise why but I really didnt want to this time, was determined once someone listened to me and dd got on reflux medication I'd feel better - which is what eventually happened and she started to improve and I started to feel better. But that feeling of barely treading above water is awful :/
And i 100% agree with Skubala, like diabetes example,I liken it to me taking inhalers every day for asthma - I don't think twice about it cause they help keep me stable and healthy, antidepressants did the same for me when I was chemically out of balance and its what helped get me thru the rough patch - along with trying to eat better, get exercise and that much needed weekly break to go meet up with friends or something smile
Hi Ladies

Thanks for your input. The diet and exercise thing is a definite that needs to be done. I went undiagonsed with PND with my eldest and I remember just taking him out of the house for walks everyday made the world of difference! Bonus was also shedding some baby weight....

I'm thinking about the anti-depressants just for the short term. None of you have given me a reason not to take them and if it can help just 'lift' me a bit then sweet!!!

Environmental factors have a definite effect too.
Hi! I was looking on the forum for some tips on natural ways to "lift my mood" when I came across this discussion. How are you doing?? I have days here and there when I feeling really down and it is so awful!! I have talked to a lot of people about it, including my GP but seems like everyone thinks I should just take the "ride it out" approach. Did you find something that worked for you? I hope you are doing well smile
Hi smile

PND sucks something wicked!! However I can now say I have turned a corner and see a light at the end of the tunnel smile It feels good to be enjoying the kids for being kids and not feel like it's an effort each day.

I didn't go down the synthetic route as I wanted to try natural first.

SO, first thing I did was google a PND support network in my area and found I could email them whenever I needed to and I got a good understanding response as the person on the other end had been through it too (hallelujah!!)
I cut out dairy and caffeine from my diet (it was everyday dairy like milk, cheese, yoghurt etc, I didn't worry about what was in food) and cut back on sugar. My god that first week was tough lol!
I allowed myself one night off a week to go do Aquafit at the local aquatic centre. This was the hardest as I felt guilty as hell but my husband threatened to lock me out of the house on a Wednesday night if I made excuses not to go lol!

My counsellor also gave me a valuable piece of advice 'fake it til you make it'. That's my morning mantra smile
Mummy to little Liam,

Sorry, had to dash before I finished that.

Hope you find something that helps you soon. The hardest bit I found about PND was the guilt. Its a never ending cycle really that guilt as I guess but with PND it felt so much worse!

The 'ride it out' approach works for some for sure but for me personally, I needed to do something about it as that approach didn't work the first time. Does that make sense?

Take care x
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