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if im on antidepressants before pregnancy, do i have to stop taking them? also if i have depresion am i more likely to get post natal depresion?
You should chat to your GP about it. The one thing is though to never stop taking them suddenly.

Some are better than others during pregnancy, and you will need to chat with your doctor as to the benefits and risks of staying on them. I stayed on them during my first pregnancy, and then slowly weened off them during my second pregnancy. I did this because my eldest had some minor withdrawal symptoms after she was born.

I'm sure I replied to this earlier!

Definitely chat to your GP about it.

Anyone who has been depressed at any point prior to pregnancy is more likely to get post natal depression.
I'm not sure how things work in Aussie, but in NZ your midwife visits for 6 weeks after the baby is born and if they are aware you are at risk they will be extra careful to look out for signs. I would make sure that whoever is looking after you is aware of your issues and they should be able to help you through smile

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thanks, going on friday for tests an stuff so ill check then :3
Hey. Yes, that could happen. I suggest you stop taking the antidepressants during pregnancy and see how you feel. Every person feels differently during their pregnancies. You might feel okay. Congratulations on your pregnancy too. You are very lucky.
Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. I too used to take antidepressants. I was told that I could take them. but I had my baby through surrogacy. I don't know if it goes the same way for the natural birth. You should consult a clinic. Best of luck. Love!
Hello Teagan. Hope you're doing well. Pregnancy is a special procedure. Ask women like us, who have not been able to conceive naturally. I'd suggest you stop taking antidepressants right away. There's no good that could come from them. Smile, things always get better. smile
I am on antidepressants and got told from dr to wean off them slowly. I had previously dropped 75mg on another drs orders and had really bad withdrawals. I’m on venlafaxine and my dr has advised to wean off. I will be completely off them in 6 weeks and I’m currently 4 weeks pregnant. Your dr will advise you what’s best but don’t stop suddenly as it’s bad for u Hense bad for baby. I have had post natal depression so can help you with this
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