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Hi everyone Lock Rss

Hello everyone.
Please do not judge or hate or anything like that but i just want some hope or support.

I am just wanting to here stories on peoples experiance with having a 2nd child and having suffered any type of depression pregnant or after.

After my son i had serve post natal depression and it was hell:(.
I have wanted another child for years and we have tried but i got pregnant and completely lost the plot out of nowhere.

After all that i was like that's it! i cant have anymore children.......... but my heart is still wanting one, especially seeing my son grow i love being a mother and i love my son so much.

I am currently seeing a couple people who are helping me prepare for the decision to have another one and if i do they can help, counselor, psychotherapist and a mental health midwife but reading the internet they are all horror stories and giving me no hope that this could strike again badly as it does.

I understand i could get a little bout of it again............ but to have it that serve i just cant even comprehend it:(.

All i am saying really is for people experiences........... please help............ i tried pushing the feelings aside but the love i have for another child wont leave ;"(.

BUT THE FEAR IS JUST TO MUCH especially trying and it failed had put me in worse fear then ever.

Hi I have a almost 4 year old and a 5 month old. I got diagnosed with depression after I had a misscarriage. Was put on a depressants then. I came off them before we tired for our 3 year old. And I know I was depressed during the pregnancy. I did not eat much and sleeping was not fun. Not to forget horrid mood swings. After having my beautiful girl. I thought I was coping well. My husband lost the plot a little as his father passed away when we were 20 weeks pregnant. So we saw some one and they put me back on the antidepressant. It made me feel shocking and that made me feel worse. But not long after I succumbed to post natal depression. I was admitted into a government health initiative for first time mums with depression. It helped heaps and I made a really good friend and I stayed on my antidepressants. 2 nd time around my go weened me off my tablets and the mood swings and lac of appite started again. My ob said get back on them I want a happy mum. I still did not eat much. But I think that's me with morning sickness as well. Hsad my second girl I have bad days and good. Get a bit snappy. But generally have survived and I know the triggers this time so I up my tablet dose for a couple of days. And I have not put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect wife and mum. I think you just have to go with the flow.

My daughter is 13 months and my husband and I have started trying for number 2.

I'm rather scared because I'm really depressed at the moment and sometimes when my daughter starts crying I can't stop the floodgates either and i will burst into tears in the middle of the supermarket. I love my daughter but sometimes i just need a break and i'm terrified about having two kids demanding attention because they aren't like puppies, you can't just put them outside when you need a break.

My first pregnancy was a dream but i doubt that will be the same for my second. I know I want another baby and now, but I am so isolated, stressed and upset, i'm worried about everything and don't know how i will cope.

I was meant to go back to work when my daughter was 10 months, but my boss told me i was being made redundant on the Friday before I started back on the Monday. I have lost contact with all of my work friends because they are working and I'm too tired to do anything at night. My family live at the bottom of the South Island (I'm in Auckland) and I have nobody to talk to.

Even though my world now completely revolves around my daughter with guest appearances by my husband I know I want another baby now. The best i can do is try to stay positive about it rather than going in expecting to be sliding further into the hole.

I just keep focusing on the amazing little person that my daughter is and remember to try and enjoy all of it because they are only young once.

Wish me luck because I'm pretty sure I am pregnant now so no turning back.
Things can always get better!

hey aliyah, hope you are doing good. I think you are being scared with no reason. Trust me, internet is not so reliable in such matters. Not all stories are shared on the internet. Maybe you are just filled with so much fear that you only pay attention towards the negative stories. there is so much positive to see around you. you have your own adorable son. and you say that you love him so much. wasn't that such a pleasant experience? you should definitely give it a try. imagine having a little baby in your hands again. i know how beautiful it feels. so go for it. Good luck!
Hi there. I hope you are doing great. Really sorry to hear about your problem. I think its normal. But this is the time when you have to be strong. It's not easy. I never had a second child though. I had two twins through surrogacy. I don't really know how it feels. I hope it helps you. Wishing you good luck.
Hey, Aliyah, you seem very depressing. Honestly, don't be worried so many women get to go through this phase. Just try opting for IUI or IVF if you're unable to conceive naturally. I am sure that will work out. Make sure you visit a good doctor one that is experienced and knows what he is doing. Your post makes me feel really sad. I am always here for you feel free to message me. Sending lots of warm wishes your way.
Depression after pregnancy is quite normal. But during the pregnancy can pose danger to the fetus. For conceiving also you may need to be at bay form stress. anxiety and depression of course. For treating nonmedically, you can try CBT, cognitive behavior therapy. Also, Acupuncture has also shown positive effects for treating depression. it also relieves depression symptoms. Meditate, exercise will also alleviate the symptoms. Try keeping a positive aspect of life, talk with your husband, Plan for a holiday Take some time out for the hectic routine. This will act as a mood booster. Don't get obsessed over conceiving. Avid the negative stuff of the internet, there are major success stores also dealing with all kinds of complications. Thye will really motivate you and encourage you to be a mother the second time. Kill the depression with your wits. Lastly, PRAY.
hey. As at this time is it important to know what may be the problem. Once that has been sorted out you will get a better picture. As you could go for IUI IVF or even surrogacy. All these methods have proven to be extremely successful. As they are helping women who are facing infertility. The clinic I am going for my assisted conception. It is through them that I have learned a lot about the processes. However, it is really important to visit a good doctor as well. A bad clinic would just be there to waste your money. I am saying this from experience. As now that I am visiting a good clinic I am so much more relaxed and things are actually working out.
Hi! I’m so sorry about your loss. But I am also glad to see that you are hopeful for the future. First of all pregnancy is a blessing itself. If you are having a chance of experiencing motherhood after such a loss then you should definitely go for it. Take it from me it gives you so much pleasure when you know that you can do it. I couldn’t get pregnant for 2 years. It was such a painful time But now when I look at it I get to know that how strong it made me as a women. You also need to grow stronger. If there is even a slightest chance that you can avail you should do it. I know it’s difficult at first but you learn a lot. I feel like I should tell every women who is facing such situation that it is going to be okay. If you can’t conceive go and look for the options like surrogacy or ivf or whatever it is. Look at me I went to Ukraine for the treatment and that place changed my life. Now it’s time for you to change yours.
It is pretty natural what you have felt. Depression is common after pregnancy. However, you really should go for another baby. It's a good sign you want one. I wish you all the best with it! Do check out IVF and surrogacy treatments to see if they are any help with your predicament. Good luck! Keep us posted smile
Hello Aliya. How are you? I hope you're okay. Please don't worry. It's super normal. My prayers are with you. I hope things get better, ASAP for you. Good luck to you!
It is truly characteristic what you have felt. Sorrow is normal after pregnancy. Notwithstanding, you should go for another infant. It's a decent sign you want one. I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer with it! Do look at IVF and surrogacy treatments to check whether they are any assistance with your quandary. Good fortunes! Update us as often as possible smile
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