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Anxiety Rss

What can I do to help move through anxiety? Have seen GP have psychological appointment set up. What else

38 weeks and 2 days

Ive been taking swisse mood, helps take the horrible feeling away to cope better. Not a cure but def makes it easier
Lavender oil has been my rock through my pregnancy and suffering with anxiety.
you can either rub some on your temples, put a few drops on your pillow at night when you sleep or have a nice relaxing bath with some drops of lavender oil in the tub... lavender oil is an old remedy for calming nerves, anxiety ect.
and remember just breathe,
your have to learn to control your mind cause chances are what you are having anxiety over is not even happening smile hope this helps, i know its tough. hang in there.
CBT is highly effective for anxiety disorders. Prenatal yoga is good thing to practice. You can also practice taking deep breaths and trying to slow your breathing down. Hope it helps.
Try to live more healthy lifestyle: get enough food and sleep, do exercise, and spend an hour every day doing anything you want to relax. It will become your daily ritual and help you a bit. Here are some more tips how to get rid of anxiety.
Yes, a healthy lifestyle and the relaxing procedures is a huge stress-reliever. Moreover, now on sale a lot of cool home hot tubs with a large set of different functions. Color therapy and bubble massage will help to get a good sleep, relax the muscles and give the body tone.
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