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PND is back (second baby) Lock Rss

I'm in tears atm. I have an 18 month old boy and tonight realised PND is back. I've had a shocking couple of weeks and it only just dawned on me I'm going through it again. This time around I find its the lack of emotional and family support. I had my first baby when living close to family and friends, and I had my son interstate without family or friends I can reach out to.

I would say this time it's mainly the isolation and lack of friends that has triggerd it, apart from trying to support my partner who was diagnosed with depression 3 months into my 2nd pregnancy.

I work tue - friday so I can't see the doctor until saturday, so I'm wondering if anyone else out there reading this is also going through PND atm? I sure could use a chatting buddy or two to help me get through the next few days before my appointment

Thanks for reading smile
How are you doing now? Did you get into the Dr?
I had PND with both my children its a tough time that's for sure.
You aren't alone- we are all here too!

If you need it there is PND helpline: Freephone 0800 111 757
Hey there Pixel! You aren't alone hon! We are all with you. I will suggest you stay active on this forum and read stories of other mothers, it will give you some hope and strength. if you need a chatting buddy. I m always available here. Just message me and I will entertain you enough that you will forget every kind of pain.
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